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    Monday, November 05, 2012

    Rarotonga-Turama, All Souls Day- What A Beauteous Sight

    Hanging around Graveyards  may not be your thing, but if you are in Rarotonga for 1st November, you musn't miss Turama, All Souls Day
    Held in the evening, it  is a celebration of the departed. It’s a Ancient Catholic Tradition, but I believe other religions participate
    The Rarotongans spend days, decorating the graves, which are prominent all over the Island.
    I have never seen so many different types and brilliant colours of plastic and silk flowers. They are sensational

    There are Mass Grave Yards, but it also common to bury your loved ones on your land.
    There are many Mausoleums, dotted around amongst the houses. 

    At 6pm, there is a service at the Cathedral, then the priest takes Holy Water he has blessed and sprinkles on the graves. This takes place at Panama, the Graveyard close to the Airport
    We watched these people construct their tribute to their family
    They finished it off with garlands of Tiare, Stunning

    On the evening there are ceremonies and people lay fresh flowers and light candles
    The families gather, chat to the departed and reminisce, many happy memories 
    It is very beautiful

    We drove around the Island and took some shots of Graves on Private Property
    In stark contrast to the colour, we found this old graveyard just close to where we are staying
    Until recently it was ramshackle but caring folk have reconstructed it.
    So white. I love it also

    Our favourite Grave. We Love You Dad in huge letters with Dad’s War Helmet, jauntily hanging off the side of the tombstone.
     Obviously not religious. Not one flower for Dad

    I thought this was a little sad
    White crosses, very few flowers, but an empty bottle, but on the bright side, maybe Uncle's favourite tipple

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    katiez said...

    What lovely photos. I love visiting well-kept cemeteries and these look beautiful