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    Sunday, April 28, 2013

    Left Overs - Waste Not, Want Not, Tasty Snacks

    I hate throwing food away. When I clean out the fridge, if I have to load lots of stuff in the Waste Machine I feel I haven't been doing my job.
    Make soup  is one way of using up stray vege.
    One of the best and tastiest thing to do with  left over bread is these cheese mousetraps

    You could get something easier and they keep well in an airtight container.
    Not that they last too long

    Lay the bread out on the bread board

    Smear with Vegemite and Marmite
    Grate some hard cheddar on a fine grater over the top
    Cut into fingers

    Place in 140C oven, till they dry out
    Don't try and cook them too quickly

    Should take about 20-30 minutes

    Great to have with drinks, kids love them, Dunk them in your bowl of soup

    Just have them when you are feeling a bit peckish
    And there's More!!! I'm sure!

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