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    Tuesday, April 30, 2013

    Taking On Jamie - Dish 1 - Mushroom Fafalle

    So I thought my winter blog project this year would be is to take Jamie on with his 15 minute meals.
    My friend JT tried with her friends Rose and Frank and they reckoned took 30 minutes. 
    My daughter in law Helen has given some of the recipes a go and mmmm she put out a challenge. Can anybody do this?
    I can do this... I thought.
    I have both series on my ipad
    So the plan was to get mis en place and then cook along with the video 
    I bought the stopwatch app for my phone
    and off I started
    By the way it was delicious. We both loved it

    So for the first one I made Mushroom Fafalle

    I got my mis en place, by the way this was getting together all of he ingredients not any actual cooking or chopping.
    BUT I don't have a garlic crusher, as I don't like them and I did peel the garlic, Chopping it took quite a bit of time
    Getting all the stuff together took about 7-8 minutes
    So I didn't count that I only timed the actual cooking
    He does that
    Jamie doesn't really give you quantities so I guessed

    That's not too hard though
    I made a couple of changes to the recipe. 
    I don't want this to be an expensive challenge
    So if I haven't got an ingredient at the time I would substitute
    I didn't have any baby spinach. 
    So I cut some cabbage into small triangles and blanched it in salted water and drained it.
    Set aside to cool 
    He used the spinach straight frpm the bag so he had a heads up on that.
    Didn't feel that was cheating

    It was delicious, so sweet... also Jamie had hazel nuts, I substituted cashews
    I am going to make this salad again. It is delicious. 
    Blanching the cabbage, as Marco says, is 'Genius'

    I had to pause a couple of times as didn't have everything ready 
    Like I forgot to sort the mortar and pestle
    and I hadn't got the food processor ready
    Funnily enough, I thought I had everything
    Must be more diligent next time

    So I set up the iPad and my timer

    Here are the ingredients 
    This made enough for 4 people, I froze the leftovers for a dinner in the future

    Good slurp Olive oil 
    Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
    250 gms Mushrooms
    25 gms Dried mushrooms
    Boiling water
    3 cloves garlic peeled and finely chopped
    Salt and pepper
    Thyme leaves
    1 tsp Chili flakes
    About 100 gms Sour cream
    Zest of 1 Lemon
    Handful of chopped parsley

    Fafalle Pasta 100 gms per person

    Salad for 2 people cant keep that
    Blanched cabbage
    1/2 Grated apple
    50 gms Blue cheese
    French Dressing

    You need all you pans on the stove over med heat and a jug of boiling water to hasten things up
    First cover the dried mushrooms in boiling water to soften and get a stock
    Place pasta into well salted boiling water 
    Cook about 8-9 minutes

    Add olive oil to a frying pan to start off.
    Add mushrooms
    Just break them up no need to finely chop
    It's a rustic dish
    Add garlic, S & P and chili flakes and thyme leaves
    Toss around and cook about 2 minutes

    Meanwhile add nuts to a small pan just to toast lightly to get the maximum flavour
    Add soaked dried mushrooms and their stock to the pan
    Cook them down

    Start to prepare the salad
    Take nuts out of pan and crush them not too small in a mortar and pestle
    Put your greens (in my case blanched cabbage)
    onto a platter
    Grate apple over the top
    Put little knobs of blue cheese on top and
    sprinkle with crushed nuts
    Set aside

    Back to mushrooms
    Place in food processor and give them a whiz till reasonably smooth
    Back into pan
    Thin down with a little of the pasta water
    keep a bit more of the pasta water if needed, to thin down the sauce

    Pasta should be ready
    Drain and add to pan

    Add sour cream
    Toss to mix

    Zest lemon
    Chop parsley
    Mix together
    Put 1/2 of this into the pasta
    Toss well

    Pile onto platter
    Garnish with remainder of parsley and lemon

    Pour some french dressing over salad
    Below Jamie's version


    So I paused a couple of times. as I said, I'd forgotten to set out some bits and pieces
    So I think it took me about 20 minutes plus the mis en  place
    5-6 minutes

    So this was an easy dish 
    Couldn't do it in 15 minutes though
    Keen to see whatt happens next time


    Caroline@Bibliocook said...

    Wandered on to your blog to see what you did with the FoodLovers meringues and got distracted! I've been reading backwards and really enjoying your takes on Jamie's 15 minute meals. Sounds as if you've really enjoyed both the meals and the experience of cooking them.

    Gilli Wrightson said...

    Hi Caroline
    Just got your comment. Yes I have had fun with this project many more ahead