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    Monday, January 06, 2014

    Easy Bread Dough - Thank you Jamie

    I have been making bread for quite a few years, and have many different recipes for making dough.
    This particular technique, I learnt from Jamie, in his "Save With Jamie" Series.
    Make the  dough in the food processor,,,which I have done before, BUT instead of turning out after mixing, then kneading and placing into an oiled bowl
    Leave it in the food processor to prove
    Saves on Washing up too
    Punch down and turn out onto the bench and shape into required rolls or bread

    It makes a very nice soft white bread
    Yes I know... White Bread!
    Well I'm sorry, but there is a time and place for white bread, especially when it is home made

    Had two of our Gorgeous Granddaughters for a sleeplover...
    I made buns for Hamburgers for them.
    Very popular

    and today I made a loaf for our lunch, for some delicious fresh bread sandwiches

    This is so so simple
    I like to have more tepid water on hand, than I need.
    It depends on the day, humidity etc... as to how much water you will need for your dough.
    Set some aside.

    500 gms plain strong flour
    1 pkt dry Yeast
    Good pinch salt
    Glug of olive oil

    450 mls tepid water

    Dissolve the yeast in 300 mls of the water
    Let sit for about 5 minutes to let the yeast start to work

    Place flour, salt and oil in food processor
    Whizz to combine

    Add yeast and water
    Whizz and then add more of the reserved water in through the hole at the top as you need it
    The dough should be more on the wet side
    Let the machine work the dough
    It should start to ball and leave the side of the bowl

    Stop... put the stopper on the top
    Leave for about an hour
    the dough should have doubled in size

    Turn out onto floured board
    Punch down and knead for a minute to combine

    Break into  balls
    just fold each ball under itself to make a nice smooth ball

    I made 4 rolls from this quantity but I think they were a bit big
    So make 6
    Cover with a clean tea towel and leave about 20-30 minutes to prove and double in size
    Into 200C pre-heated oven and cook till golden
    Should take about 15-20 minutes

    If you want to make a loaf
    Split the dough into 2
    Roll into balls
    Tuck them into themselves to make a nice tight surface and place into
    a greased loaf container

    Leave to prove about 30 mins and bake in 200C oven about 30 minutes
    till golden and sound hollow when tapped
    Look at the crumb

    This is what it looks like when you rip it apart
    Great "pickings"

    Then, this is what I call a real sandwich
    Door stop fresh bread
    Cheese, Salami, Beetroot and Lettuce
     Tastes as good as it looks

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