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    Monday, January 06, 2014

    Pizza Pie - More Good Ideas from Save With Jamie

    So, Jamie Oliver has come up with yet another good idea for the home cook

    I, of course am the Leftover Queen.
    Waste Not, Want Not, my Motto
    But so many people, throw perfectly good food away
    So good old boy Jamie, has come up with another best seller

    "Save with Jamie"
    Bringing more great ideas, for getting the best out of your budget

    I am lucky enough to be able to watch the series on my ipad
    So this morning, I was planning to go to the Supermarche and top up the fridge
    I was watching him make a Chicago Pizza Pie, using the leftover from another dish in the programme

    Hey don’t go shopping girl... use what you have
    In the fridge was some leftover White Castello Cheese
    A cold sausage chopped
    Some remains of salami chopped
     ½ a red pepper
    Grabbed an onion from the pantry and finely sliced it
    Some cheddar cheese in knobs and some grated Parmesan

    Now this is a thick based pizza
    It fed 3 of us for lunch, dinner and breakfast

    You can also use this dough to make bread or rolls
    Or a thin based pizza if you'd rather

    I made the dough... very simple, in the food processor, barely kneaded
    I like to have more tepid water on hand than I need.
    It depends on the day as to how much you will need for your dough

    500 gms plain strong flour
    1 pkt dry Yeast
    Good pinch salt
    Glug of olive oil

    450 mls tepid water

    Dissolve the yeast in 300 mls of the water
    Let sit for about 5 minutes to let the yeast start to work

    Place flour, salt and oil in food processor
    Whizz to combine

    Add yeast and water
    Whizz and then add more of the reserved water in through the hole at the top as you need it
    The dough should be more on the wet side
    Let the machine work the dough
    It should start to ball and leave the side of the bowl

    Stop... put the stopper on the top
    Leave for about an hour
    the dough should have doubled in size

    Turn out onto floured board
    Punch down and knead for a minute to combine

    I made 2 pizza pies from this amount of dough
    Break into  balls
    just fold each ball under itself to make a nice smooth ball

    Meanwhile prepare 2 pans
    Oil and then sprinkle with dried breadcrumbs
    This will help to make a non stick surface and will also give the bottom of the
    Pizza Pie and nice crunchy bottom

    Stretch out the dough and push into pie tin
    Cover with a clean tea towel
    Leave for about 20 minutes to prove
    it's very similar to what I make, but I normally cook mine
    Actually I think simmering it for at least 10 minutes makes a richer thicker sauce
    but you don't have to, just follow this procedure

    1 tin of best tomatoes
    2 cloves garlic finely chopped
    1/2 chili chopped or  1 tsp fried chili flakes
    Little salt
    Pinch sugar
    2 tablespoons good vinegar
    Good sprinkle dried oregano

    Pop everything into blender and whizz till smooth

    Meanwhile, gather your toppings
    Spread sauce over bases
    And build, using whatever you want on top

    Into pre-heated 200C oven for about 20 minutes


    Pizza Pie

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