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    Monday, March 14, 2016

    Joyce's 7 Layer Dip - Perfect for Drinks Party - Gluten Free as well

    In the early 80’s, ...our friend Joyce Baker, (pictured below, on the right)... note the 80's hair styles... from California, came to stay with us here in Auckland
    In those days, New Zealand was a bit behind the eight ball, with current food trends.
    We decided to have a party while Joyce was here, (as we did), Tex Mex Food was beginning to
    rear it’s head. Up till then, I could make a good chili.
    Gilli’s Chili, it got called in fact.
    I’ll post it one day, still like it...however, we weren't really together, with some of the real flavours of Mexico.

    On this particular visit, Joyce introduced us to the Famous 7 Layer Dip
    Joyce was amazed that we didn't have Cilantro here
    Of course, that was a language problem
    You couldn’t google it then
    We finally worked out that Cilantro, in American English,
    was, in New Zealand English…Coriander
    Plus, I don't think we could get refried beans
    So I think we just squashed up some red kidney beans, with some garlic
    But now, all of these ingredients are readily available

    We were very impressed with this dip and have been making it since

    In fact, I selfishly, didn't pass on the recipe, to anyone but our family
    Don't know why I did because as it turns out, it came from
    a Californian Food magazine and is widely known in the States
    So anyone can find it and make it
    But we prefer to call it Joyce’s 7 Layer Dip
    Very Simple

    For the basic recipe of 7 layers
    You need
    1 tin refried Beans
    Guacamole, your favourite recipe
    Salsa… Spicy is good. Any good brand
    Grated Tasty Cheese
    Fresh Tomatoes, finely chopped, seasoned with S & P
    Sour Cream flavoured with Taco seasoning
    Spring onions and Coriander, chopped  Handful of each

    This time, I changed a couple of things,
    I made my own Salsa
    1 punnet of cherry tomatoes, finely chopped
    3 spring onions, finely chopped
    1 cob fresh sweet corn, Pop in Microwave for 3 minutes
    Slice the kernels off
    Add to onions and tomatoes
    1 red pepper finely chopped
    2 tablespoons chopped coriander
    Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
    A little olive oil
    Mix well

    I could only buy ready made Guacamole
    Not as good as homemade unfortunately
    To improve it… I mixed it in with the salsa, which also helped the salsa to stick together
    So 2 layers became 1!

    In fact the Dip this time, was only 5 layers, but still tasted pretty good
    To assemble this particular version

    Find a nice flat dish about 4 cms (1 1/2 inch) deep
    Cover the bottom with the refried beans

    Cover with Salsa
    The Grated Cheese
    Mix the Sour Cream with 3-4 tablespoons of  La Morena Taco seasoning
    Spread the sour cream over the grated cheese
    Top with the chopped herbs

    Best to make a few hours in advance for the flavours to meld

    Serve with Taco Chips

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