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    Monday, May 16, 2016

    How to Charm the Kids - Make Nutella Calzone

    How to charm the kids
    Make Nutella Calzone. They love them
    I made these for 3 of my lovely Grandchildren last week
    They wolfed them down

    There was 2 left.
    I heated them up the next day and Mia and I ate them hot from the oven...
    burning our mouths with Hot Nutella
    Yum and So So Simple

    I stole this recipe from Australian Chef Adrian Richardson,
    who is a presenter on a television programme on Food TV,
    called Good Chef Bad Chef and
    Seemed that it had everything a kid would love
    I was right

    Ingredients (enough to make 8 Calzones)

    1 tub Nutella
    1 egg, lightly beaten
    2 cups self raising plain flour
    1 cup natural yoghurt
    1 tbsp brown sugar

    Pinch salt
    1 tsp cinnamon sugar


    Using the dough paddle,
    Place the flour, yoghurt and sugar and a pinch of salt
    into your food processor,
    Blend for 10 to 20 seconds until dough forms.
    Tip the dough out onto a lightly floured bench.
    Knead gently to form a smooth, very soft pastry,
    it may seem a little wet but a light dusting of flour will fix this.

    Place in a bowl and covered with glad wrap
    Rest for 30 minutes.
    When ready to use, divide into small golf ball sized portions. 
    Roll the pastry out on a lightly floured work surface into circle shapes.
    Place a spoonful of Nutella in the centre of each circle of pastry.
    Brush the edges with a little water and fold over to create half moon shapes.
    Press edges to seal.
    Brush the top with beaten egg.
    Sprinkle with cinnamon sugar.
    Transfer to a lightly greased tray and
    Bake in a preheated 220C oven
    Check after 15 minutes
    They are ready when  golden brown.
    I served with Ice Cream

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