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    Friday, August 19, 2016

    All Year Round Salad - Dairy Free - Gluten Free

    My daughter, has just had to spend 36 hours in hospital, in Isolation
    She is currently on a dairy free, wheat free diary to sort out some allergy problems

    The hospital food which is actually satisfactory, for normal diets
    Didn't work well for her
    So, Meals on wheels went into action
    Even did the delivery, via the bus, en route to lunch
    All on the taxpayer
    Oh the taxpayer didn't pay for the food, so a bonus for the taxpayer ha ha
    I made 2 different salads
    Originally using what I had in the fridge
    I devised a salad which I would repeat again and again
    The sweetness of the melon with the peppery flavour of the salami
    A match must have been made in heaven methinks
    So so popular with the patient

    This is the amounts I used for 1 patient
    1 med Grated carrot
    1/2 Red pepper chopped
    1/2 yellow pepper chopped
    The green part of the spring onion
    1/4 peeled and chopped rock melon
    4 slices of. Pepperoni salami  sliced
    2-3 tabs French dressing

    Throw all these ingredients into a container
    Toss well

    1/2 cup lightly toasted and salted cashews
    Add the cashews on the top
    Mix them in just before eating to keep them crisp

    And then a simple Potato Salad
    1 large potato peeled, chopped and cooked in boiling salted water till just tender
    1 tbs French dressing
    2 hard boiled eggs
    Peeled and chopped roughly
    2 gherkins
    1 spring onion chopped
    2 tbs Mayonnaise

    When the potatoes are cooked
    Drain, toss with the French dressing

    Put the Mayo in a bowl
    Add the gherkins, spring onions and egg
    Toss around lightly

    When the potatoes are cool, add to the bowl
    Mix well gently
    Taste, add salt and pepper if needed
    New fashion wear for Food Delivery
    Highlight of My Day
    By the way
    Patient now discharged and germ free

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