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    Saturday, August 13, 2016

    Croatia Chapter Two

    Ships Log Sunday
    1st Stop Drvenik
    Before boarding we had a motley crew
    Mr Creosote Geoff (work that out)
    Mr Grumpy Dale
    Ms Elephant Feet and Hands Laurian
    And Ms Le Coff (moi)
    Our time at sea seems to have fixed all these problems, marvelous what sea air and sunshine will do
    The Marina at Kastella Split
    Mr Dale...that sea air works wonders!
     1st Mate Laurian tidying up the fenders
    As I said in the last post, we had good sailing,
    Music by Melodie Gardot singing (Somewhere over the rainbow), Wine in hand.
    6.5 knots nice breeze, engine off.

    The Capitianes are happy
    1st Mate making lunch and the Cabin Boy updating the blog.
    Arrived at Drvenik pretty little town.
    Apparently a nice little restaurant there, but we elected to stay on board and G was on dinner duties, a very nice Spag Bol too.
    Early night. Just as well, in the middle of the night the wind got up and eagle- eared Dale heard new sounds, and looked out his porthole, we had swung around and we were very close to the ferry on the wharf. Instant engine starting and boys on deck. A little re-anchoring and Problem solved.
    Early start, off to Hvar, plain sailing again, then there it is... the lovely town of Hvar, the Ibiza of Croatia I believe, party town.
    Made frittata for lunch, a wee rest and into town.
    Bit surprised at the size of the dinghy, ‘small’… 2 trips were necessary.
    Big slop in the harbour, so bit of a challenge getting in and out of the dinghy.
    A nice man sitting on the bench, helped Laurian and I out, then Dale went back for Geoff…a little interesting for them getting in, as lots of lines were holding boats to shore and a little untangling was needed.

    But we made it. Such a pretty town. L G &D have super posh cameras, they take award winning shots, and I take holiday snaps of them taking photos
    Lots of photo opportunities, lots of camera alleys. Lovely little gardens. The alleys meander, its wonderful. Us from the new world, love these medieval towns, so alien to us.

    We found a nice place to sit…Hotel Parc, and had a quick beer there. Gorgeous waiter, very funny, tried to talk us into dinner but a little out of our budget. 
     Geoff once again, tried to get the discount, 
    its not working! He's a trier our Geoff.

     We promenaded, then sat had dinner, and people watched.
    Bit of a Time warp below
    G and I had schnitzel, D and L seafood risotto. Nice, nothing to write home about but OK.
    We didn’t party, but lots of others did!
    Back to the boat a night cap and to bed.
    Big day tomorrow
    Michael's funeral, very sad

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