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    Tuesday, June 12, 2007

    Leek Delight Soup

    I really love leeks. There is not a lot to compare to leeks just finely sliced, sautéed in some butter, season with salt and freshly ground black pepper , add just a little liquid to barely cover and let them simmer and absorb the liquid…so sweet, tasty and pretty too.

    A great accompaniment for loads of dishes.

    TodayI have decided to clean out the fridge and make a soup with leeks, courgettes, parsnip, potato finished off with watercress and a little cream.

    I think this could be a St Patricks Day soup such a pretty green colour

    Lunch for 2 - first course for 4

    2 tablespoons butter
    1 leek finely sliced
    3 med courgettes grated
    1 x parsnip grated
    1 small potato grated
    Sea salt & freshly ground black pepper

    Chicken stock

    Bunch watercress

    50-100 mls cream

    Gently sauté all the vege in the butter be careful not to brown.
    Add enough chicken stock to about 5 cms above the vege.
    Bring to simmer
    Simmer about 10 minutes

    Place the watercress in your blender
    Add hot soup

    Back into pot and swirl through cream
    Served with fresh bread of your choice or
    how about the beautiful Zucchini and Feta muffins
    in my previous post


    Asha said...

    Looks delicious.Simple and healthy:)

    JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

    That looks so beautiful!