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    Wednesday, July 25, 2007

    Confit of Salmon

    My friend Barbara Winos and Foodies tagged me for this meme. I am new to this and it was fun to think about the following…I’m sorry but I have had to cheat on the favourite foods and slip in a couple of extras

    Fragrant white ripe peaches and nectarines
    Roast Pork especially the Crackling
    Ripe Tomatoes with avocado
    Roast Chicken and foie gras

    Can’t drink Milk
    Sheep’s eyes
    Chicken feet

    Lab Technician
    Plan printing


    Bolero The Song of Life
    There’s Something About Mary
    Jean de Florette


    Picnicking at the Zoo with my grandchildren
    On our boat in the Hauraki Gulf in the heat of Summer
    On a Gourmet Tour of France
    On a Gourmet Tour of Italy

    Here's one of the trips to the Zoo...Don't you love the Zoo? such a happy place to visit.

    I’ll also keep this meme in New Zealand and pass it on to Arfi of Homemades who is always thinking of wonderful new ways to cook healthily. She has some great gluten free food… click on here to read her blog
    She has been nominated for "Bloggers for Positive Global Change"

    Talking about grandchildren we are all anxiously awaiting the birth of the newest grandchild due today.
    Yesterday we took a little lunch over to the pregnant Mum a lovely little pasta from the leftover of the last nights Dinner with Friends.
    The extension to the house is coming along splendidly.
    It has been a bit of a race which will come first new room or new baby. I think the baby will win.
    Hopefully it will

    The Dinner for Friends
    Beautiful Confit of Salmon with Creme Fraiche Potatoes

    This method of cooking salmon is delightful I saw it on "Saturday Cooks."
    Demonstrated by Chef Jun Tanaka
    I have poached potatoes in oil before and loved it and this fish is great.
    So you just lightly poach the fish in oil that is fragrantly spiced.

    Serve it on a bed of potatoes dressed in a horseradish and dill dressing
    A little braised fennel or leeks as an accompaniment.

    If you buy the salmon already skinned and all little pin bones removed.
    it is much easier.

    You need
    1 tablespoon each of
    Coriander seeds
    Cardamom pods
    Black peppercorns
    1 star anise

    1 litre olive oil (not extra virgin olive oil)
    200 gms salmon per person

    3-4 small potatoes each– peeled

    The Potato Dressing
    1 pottle Crème fraiche
    Grated horseradish
    2 teaspoons Dijon mustard
    2 tablespoons chopped dill
    Juice of 1 Lemon
    Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

    Fennel or leeks

    Remove hard outer bits,keep the end on so that the vegetable stays intact
    cut in half vertically.

    Get a sheet of foil
    Place the vege on top
    Splash of white wine
    Drizzle olive oil
    Clove of garlic
    Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
    Wrap and cook 200C for 20 minutes

    To cook the Salmon
    First toast the spices in a dry pan

    Add olive oil and gently heat. Do not overheat definitely not smoking
    It is a gentle poaching method.
    Add the salmon the oil should just cover it.

    Poach for about 6-8 minutes

    Meanwhile boil your potatoes drain and mix with ½ of the dressing while warm

    Plate potatoes first
    Salmon on top
    And finish off with fennel
    Drizzle over the vege juices and a little spoonful of the dressing on the side

    How delicious is that?

    Now the Leftover Pasta

    Just make a white sauce
    2 tablespoons butter
    2 tablespoons flour
    ½ cup white wine
    1 cup chicken stock
    Freshly ground black pepper
    1 bay leaf
    2 tablespoons chopped spring onion

    1 egg

    Melt butter
    Add flour stir and cook about 4 minutes to cook out the flour taste
    Add wine and hot chicken stock and bay leaf
    Stir till thickened
    Taste for seasoning and adjust if necessary
    Remove from heat
    Add spring onion
    Beat in egg

    Toss cooked on Pasta a little olive oil to stop sticking then add flaked leftover salmon and chop the potatoes.

    Mix with half of the sauce

    Place in oven proof dish
    Cover with remainder of sauce and cook in 180C till bubbly and golden.
    So so simple.


    Barbara said...

    Thanks for playing Gilly. I've never heard of the movie Bolero.

    katiez said...

    I'm not sure which I like better... but I DO like the idea of 2 meals from one... and the salmon looks wonderful!
    Interesting tidbits about you ;-)
    I totally agree about the foods - both sets...

    So Simple said...

    Barbara I have popped a review link on the movie. It is stunning if you can ever get your hands on a copy

    To solve the problem make enough of the first so you can make the second.
    The dressing on the potatoes adds an extra dimension to the pasta

    Alex e Mari said...

    Hi ... a gourmet tour of ITALY... wow! I forgot to write that on my MEME! I liked very much the recipes and your way to re invent the leftovers!

    So Simple said...

    Thanks Marina I hope to do that trip maybe next year. Haven't been to Italy since 1987...can't wait to go back

    Arfi Binsted said...

    I have watched Something About Mary, I think it's a great movie!! We should meet sometime, Gilli!

    So Simple said...

    Arfi meeting is a good idea we must arrange something in the very near future. Are you going to the Food Show next week?