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    Tuesday, July 10, 2007

    Show us Your Apron

    Ilva from Lucllian Delights Has organised a fun event Show Us Your Apron…(reminds me of that funny greetings card with the ugly old Granny lifting up her skirt!!!but I digress and enough said about that!!! )
    The storm has abated but it still pretty horrible outdoors there is havoc all over…
    My pots which were a mass of colour 2 days ago are looking very sad all the little flowers have been blown away or have closed up in empathy. But only 1 Seville orange fell off the tree...what sturdy little fruits they are.
    So with this dull and nasty weather what a better time to blog about aprons.
    I have dressed a dining room chair in my favourite apron… given to me by our friend Susan from San Francisco. Obviously it needs a wash…very well used.
    It's from Sonoma, made of denim and will last me till I leave this world I think.

    We met Susan through our dear friend Joyce, who we met in Tahiti on our first visit to Club Med September 1978. Joyce is still a very close friend and we have visited one another frequently over those 29 years. Actually the poster above the apron is from one our many visits to the New Orleans Jazz Fest. This poster commemorates their 20th anniversary 1989.
    Featuring Fats Domino, Boz Scaggs, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Miles Davis, Santana Jimmy Buffet amongst others...what a line up. I think it was probably the best array of artists in the history of "NO Jazz Fest". There was a hearty contingent from New Zealand encouraged by Dale and I...Our son Mr Dan, Ms Mary and Mr Heinzie, Ms Lana, Ms June, Ms Jan and her daughter Angela both en route to the UK . Probably amongst the best 2 weeks of my life.

    Made some more lifelong American friends….Cliff, Jeff, JR, all of whom with the magic of the internet, we have kept in touch on a regular basis.We even talked Joyce into joining us as well.

    So when I wear this apron I feel in touch with my friends in the US of A.
    Fab food, excellent drinks, superb music and fun fun fun. What more could anyone ask for?

    P.S. I felt great sadness for the people of New Orleans after being attacked by Hurricane Katrina... our storm really pales into insignificance. Mind you I guess the flood ravaged north of our country wouldn't appreciate that comment. Hope I haven't offended anyone.


    Ilva said...

    Thanks Gilli, that is a great apron, I like the pockets, many and big and useful!
    Nice to hear that there's a story to it as well!

    Barbara said...

    A lovely apron story Gilly. When I bought mine off the waitress I was dining with a friend I'd known since we were 16.

    Anonymous said...

    I love how objects (and music too!) can tie us into certain people, place and memories. :)

    Ari (Baking and Books)

    Anali said...

    What a great story! And you saw Miles Davis? That must have been some show!

    So Simple said...

    ilva Yes those pockets are great you never know what you are goig to find in them.

    Thanks Barbara
    Thnking about all those memories what fun we had.

    Yes Ari I could have gone on for ages but I didn't want to bore.

    Anali Yes Miles was great but My favourite was Boz Scaggs I love him.