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    Tuesday, October 23, 2007

    Goats Cheese Lunch and Fish Parcel Dinner

    I had planned all sorts of lovely meals for the boat trip, so of course we are eating them now.
    I hadn't finished the boat shopping so I was lacking a few ingredients and I couldn’t be bothered going out to shop. So I made do.

    The walnut encrusted goats cheese was one dish I had catered for.
    I didn’t have any salad leaves so I made a circle of some Turkish bread but this time I had the beetroot. As you can see very pretty.

    So follow the recipe here Isn’t beetroot a brilliant colour. Just preparing the dressing above

    Here is a picture of the salad-less Walnut Encrusted Goats Cheese in Roasted Red Pepper.

    So so tasty.

    For dinner I was craving chicken. I bought a poussin for me and some orange roughy for Dale. (he hates chicken)

    I just roasted the poussin rubbed with olive oil , sea salt some lemon and herbs up its bum sitting on large slices of red onions
    For the fish I made a little Fish Parcel.
    Slices of red onion, sage leaves on a sheet of foil
    Season with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
    Drizzle with olive oil and a good squeeze of lemon juice

    Seal the parcel and I popped in the 190C oven for the last ten minutes of the poussin’s
    Cooking time.

    Some white cabbage sautéed in oil with some toasted fennel seeds
    And the treat for the day.New Jersey Benne potatoes just boiled and tossed in butter

    I know the presentation is lacking in green but it tasted terrific.
    Those strawberries behind were divine.
    Don't you just love spring


    katiez said...

    Goat cheese and beat root - I've got to try that! I can almost imagine the taste...
    We love those cute little chickens... Just perfect for one!

    katiez said...

    I really should learm how to spell - or type... That would be BEET root....

    So Simple said...

    Katie if I didn't have spell check I'm dead. Not my spelling but even after 24 years my typing. I never learnt to touch type. I wish I had.

    Mary said...

    This is a flavour combination I adore. Roast beetroot is the best colour and with the goat cheese/ walnut duo.. yum!

    So Simple said...

    Mary I'm glad you left a comment I have forgotten about that goats cheese will be making it again