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    Tuesday, October 16, 2007

    On The Way To Being A Cake Decorator!!!

    We have finished Course one and it has been fun.
    Thanks to Laurel our instructor now we can make stars, snakes, zig zag, shells, dots and writing.
    Then we went on to the more difficult roses and star flowers and swirled flowers.
    So we practiced and made lots of flowers to finally decorate the cake.

    So Lesson 4
    I took my now chocolate covered cake on the revolving stand to the class.

    Katie made a brand new cake with real butter icing.
    She wanted to make it edible for the little girls Mia, Leila and Yassi.

    So we learnt to make sweet peas

    And bows and leaves and vines
    Then time to put all this stuff onto cakes
    Katie’s so pretty in pink. The little girls adored it.
    Here are some samples of other peoples work just so you know that
    Katie and I are not the only people on the course.

    And the piece de resistance my totally over the top cake
    I had to use all those wonderful flowers I made
    Just so you won’t miss it here it is again on the piano with Katie’s wedding photo in the background a wedding cake to be proud of. NOT

    How about the leaves and vines…Awesome!!!


    Jim said...

    Those cakes look amazing! It's hard to believe you two are so new to the craft!

    katiez said...

    Pretty cakes....really cute little girls!

    So Simple said...

    Jim Great praise indeed than you.

    God knows when I will do it again though.

    So Simple said...

    Oops Jim I meant to say thank you...typo...