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    Monday, December 10, 2007

    Out of East Cape into the Bay of Plenty

    Out of East Cape into the Bay of Plenty
    We are off to Bonny Doone.

    The views still amaze us
    This could be the Cook Islands Just a little shelter in the middle of nowhere
    Look at the colour of that water.
    Heard that little bird singing…had to find him
    The birdsong is wonderful, everywhere we went we were serenaded

    Look at this wonderful entrance to a local school.
    Next stop Opotoki
    Found good kai in Opotoki in the “recommended by the local garage” café and takeaway.
    Didn’t try the coffee... but managed to get tasty looking sandwiches to takeaway.
    This town is renowned for its magnificent carvings lining the street.
    Who needs a town clock in the roundabout when you have this.
    Historic ChurchThe Pub. We should have stayed to get the entertainment...

    The plan was to find a bed for our weary heads.
    Another one night stand before we met up with George and Marianne in Bonny Doone.
    We decided to drive all the way to Waihi. It was a bit of a haul but then we would be handy to Bowentown which is where Bonny Doone is situated.
    We drove there via Ohope beach.
    We spent a bit time there years ago, a wonderful beach
    What a superb view for sandwich munching.

    On to Waihi Beach
    As we approached Tauranga we hit the first set of traffic lights since Gisborne. Oh no heading for civilization. All the quirky countryside is turning into suburban countryside.
    The end is nigh. Still 3 more days to go though.
    We wanted beachfront. We found "Beachfront B & B" in our Lonely Planet.

    Our hosts Val & Tony Dillimore were out but left a little note for prospective guests.
    "If you want to stay at our B & B make yourselves comfortable we shall be back to settle you in soon".

    Or words to that effect.
    Very friendly
    We did as they asked. Right on the beach. Just what we wanted. And only 5 minutes from Bonny Doone.
    We went for a walk along the beach unfortunately I stupidly walked barefoot and have aggravated my bruised heel.

    On return we got out the Scrabble and Champagne.
    Val arrived with a lovely little plate of nibbles.
    Suggested we ate at the Flat White Café just down the road within limping distance.
    But we drove just a little hard for me.
    Dale had fish
    I had Lamb Shanks
    Well worth a visit.

    The highlight of Dales’ day
    A DVD of the Shadows “The Final Tour”

    Next morning Val arrived with this wonderful breakfast
    And I was very impressed. Their toaster really popped up the toast
    Silly me forgot to ask the brand.
    No more poking around trying to get the toast out.

    So it was farewell to Val and Tony and their little dog.
    I would award this establishment
    Wonderful position right on the beach, good bed, very nice breakfast, lovely flowers everywhere and Great DVD of the Shadows

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