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    Monday, December 03, 2007

    Wairarapa, Olives and Things

    Once again we bypassed a city. Straight onto the Wellington motorway from the ferry. Destination The Wairarapa...and Dave and Diana’s farmlet in Masterton.

    They have only owned this for 1 year. It was an abandoned farm. Originally beautifully planted with olive trees and grapevines. The previous owner was overseas and all the trees were neglected. It has become a real task for them to bring it up to scratch and they love it.

    We met in beautiful historic Greytown for lunch.
    Saluté an award winning restaurant.
    We had lovely lunch outdoors. It’s still hot. Excellent food
    Dale’s pizza and Diana’s Mezze platter below on show…I had lambs fry with puy lentils and mash…delicious but didn’t look so good in the photo so use you imagination please and Dave had virtually the same pizza as Dale... so no repetitive images

    The men waited while we bought lovely fresh fruit gelati for dessert.

    Cute little shop in Greytown it’s full of places like this
    Off to The Farm.
    At the gate is this lovely old shearers shed. Diana and Dave are going to turn it into a self contained guest house.
    There’s a bit of work to do This will be the ensuite.
    But on down the drive to the cottage proper

    To the right an olive grove
    Here’s another grove taken in the winter
    Pretty stunning really.

    Lovely piece of pork was on the menu cooked with their fresh sage from the garden and asparagus,
    Some jerseys and freshly picked lettuce
    It was a lovely sunset

    It had been a long day so we fell into bed.

    Big day tomorrow…Wairarapa Field Days
    Last time we came to stay earlier in the year, we went to Martinborough for lunch and on our return trip the car broke down.

    3 amused punters to start off
    After 3 hours wait it was a different story but that’s another day and another story.

    So off for a 40 minute drive, of course this is nothing for our country folk friends but if we were driving this time in the city it would be half the distance and 3 times the frustration…I must say it is easier than fighting your way around the city..
    The field day a bit disappointing Just a couple of groups sit on mowers, tractors and chain saws etc.

    Diana and Dave did Farmer talk
    I got hay fever…all those bloody men frantically driving round on the mowers showing off... spraying loads of pollen and testosterone
    There was a little stop to dig up poppies to enhanceThe Farm's garden
    A nice fresh fruit ice cream on the way home cooled us all down.

    Lovely salad for lunch Witlof, blue cheese, pears and honey walnuts dressed with Diana’s oil

    The oil wasn’t actually from their trees, they are still nursing them, but they personally picked these olives and had them pressed in a co-operative. The pickings from which the oil was pressed.

    We had to have a sleep again It was so hot. Dave’s Weathermaster thingy said the max temp was 34C.
    Diana and I went down to the river on the farm bike, but I forgot to take the camera so you will have imagine it. Guaranteed lovely…
    Milk fed lamb for dinner with roast pumpkin and potatoes…
    Diana had a helper podding the broad beans
    There have been a lot of firsts on this trip.
    Diana is a talented painter here’s a little sample of her work.
    So once again we departed.
    With apologies to Grant Wood creator of the famous American Gothic
    I present
    Masterton Gothic"

    I would award this establishment
    Spectacular views, good beds (2 singles), great food, great wine, good farm bike, nice to have your own river and plenty of laughs and reminiscing

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