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    Tuesday, December 23, 2008

    Christmas Eve - Only One More Sleep

    Tis the Morning before Christmas and last night a big rainfall came through
    This is a dismal sight. In the Northern Hemisphere this is probably a common sight at this time of the year, but we are in summer here and it is supposed to be hot and sunny.
    It is still raining this morning, but hopefully it will pass.
    Of course we are eating outdoors tomorrow!!! Oh dear.
    Yesterday we were looking after Miss Cleo and eldest granddaughter Sophia came over to help.
    Seeing as I was home I did some Christmas Day Prep.

    I made a new batch of stuffing balls. Popped them in the freezer.
    Just thaw and refresh on the day.
    Plus pre-prepared the stuffing mix for the turkey breasts.
    All I have to do is add the wet ingredients on the day.

    Made the kids layered jellies.
    They have strawberries and peaches in them.
    One of the layers is made of fruit juice and the rest is ordinary old jelly.
    Actually now they don’t have artificial colours in this PC age so the green lime jelly is a bit disappointing but there ya go. I loved that bright green.
    After the children had gone home I thought about dinner.
    With what I had in the fridge I decided to make a Christmas inspired Frittata.
    It was great.
    First I toasted a handful of my stuffing mix in the oven tossed in olive oil.
    Thawed some prawns and frozen peas.
    Quickly chopped a red chili6 eggs beaten
    Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

    Toss prawns in stuffing mix
    Add peas and chili to eggs
    Hot pan
    Add 2 tablespoons olive oil
    Throw in egg mix
    Quickly add prawns and breadcrumbs

    Cook on top of stove for a minute to get the frittata going.

    Into a hot oven 200c
    Cook about 10 minutes till just set

    Slide onto plate serve.Isn’t this wonderful looking
    The real Christmas colours
    This would make a great first course for Christmas dinner

    In fact I think I may make it for nibbles with drinks.
    If I have time I will, it looks great.
    The flavoured breadcrumbs gave it a nice crunchy texture
    Bite of the chili

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