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    Monday, December 01, 2008

    Mad About Pies - Several Ways to Enjoy Pastry

    Pie Mad
    I love pies in fact I think most people do.
    I lean more towards savoury pies but I also love sweet Pies.
    Anyhow it is all savoury for this post.

    Chicken Pie
    A few weeks ago I was looking after our two youngest grandchildren whilst their parents were sunning themselves in Rarotonga
    This is the second chicken and vege pie I have made for the kids.
    I made the first ones in muffin tins and everyone except for Mia (6years old) liked them.
    Apparently the very obvious courgette presence put her off.
    Not enough chicken.
    So Model two
    I couldn’t find pie tins or big muffin tune here so this time I decided to make a big pie in a cake tin.

    Three kids to feed…should be plenty. Some mashed potato on the side.

    So this time I poached the chicken in a vegetable broth containing courgette, carrot and spring onion.

    I added some milk once the chicken was nearly cooked and back to the simmer and let it sit for an hour or so to infuse.
    The idea is to have all of the goodness of the vege without actually seeing them.
    I strained the stock off and then shredded the chicken
    Carrot apparently is quite acceptable so I chopped the carrot and added it to the mix.

    Rolled out the pastry and lined the cake tin. Don’t you love the rolling pin!!!!
    Make it work and then drink it.
    Pricked the bottom and covered with grated cheese.
    Put it in the fridge to rest for 10 minutes
    Filled with the chicken mix
    Topped it with a lid and into 200C oven till golden brown
    It was very popular.
    Meanwhile on the success of the bacon and egg I made Dale and I these little pies for lunch.
    Dale is not wrapped in bacon so he got smoked salmon

    Saute a small shallot chopped
    Add 2 -3 rashers streaky bacon until fat starts to render not crisp
    Remove and cool slightly
    So I lined the tins with puff pastry
    Layer of cheese on the bottom
    Next layer
    I de-seeded a tomato and cut into strips
    Then a small handful of frozen peas
    Season salt and freshly ground black pepper

    Scatter onions
    Top with bacon for me
    Smoked salmon for Dale
    Break an egg into the pie
    Season with freshly ground black pepper there should be enough salt from the earlier seasoning and the bacon and cheese.
    Move the yolk around lightly just to break it do not beat
    This is the secret for the moistness of the pie.

    Cover with lid
    Brush with egg wash
    Bake 200C till golden brown about 25 minutes
    Let cool about 5-10 minutes before cutting
    See these layers
    This was moist and wonderful.
    So now to an excellent Vegetable pie.
    You could call it “Use Up What’s in the Fridge Pie”
    This fed 2 of us.

    1 tablespoon butter
    2 leeks sliced
    1 carrot chopped
    1 courgette sliced
    Some florets of Broccoli cut up
    Sea salt and Piri Piri seasoning

    Saute vege in butter a few minutes
    Add about 1 cup water and let bubble away gently for about 5 minutes.

    Strain and reserve juice and vege.

    2 tablespoons butter
    Flat mushrooms
    2 tablespoons flour
    1 x Egg hardboiled

    Saute mushrooms in butter
    Season sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
    Add flour and cook about 3-4 minutes to cook out the flour.
    Add reserved stock stir madly to get out lumps
    Add enough milk to make a ‘thinnish’ sauce
    The boil it down to reduce… this is good for the flavour
    Add vege and place in little casserole dishes (ramekins)
    Peel and cut egg in half, Don’t you love the colour of the egg?
    Place on top of vege good grind of freshly ground black pepper
    Grease rim of dish
    Put pastry on top and brush with egg wash and
    Bake about 15 -20 minutes till golden brown.

    I have to pass these little delights on
    Great for pre dinner drinks
    Savoury Palmiers
    I just use bought puff pastry sheets

    Lots of Sage leaves
    Parmesan cheese finely grated
    Sea salt
    Freshly ground black pepper
    Lay sheet on lightly floured bench
    Sprinkle lavishly with Parmesan
    Spread sage leaves over
    Season with S & P
    Fold sides into middle lengthwise
    Repeat cheese sage and seasoning
    Fold over now in half and cut into strips about 1 cm
    Sit cut side up
    Sprinkle more cheese on top
    Lie on side as above and bake in hot oven 200C 10 minutes
    These are very tasty.
    You can also replace sage with fresh thyme
    And use a cheddar cheese for the non Italian feel.
    Works just as well.

    1 comment:

    Mary said...

    Delicious! I've been up to my eyes in pies as well. More of the dark and wintery beef and ale version though.
    I also have to say how your asparagus in the previous post has me missing the Kiwi spring! Glad to see the weather is deserving of champagne :-)