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    Monday, January 12, 2009

    Chilli Philli - Perfect for Pizza

    This has been the best summer…so far everyday a cracker
    This is my view…off the side of our boat up here in New Zealand’s Far North.

    I am getting ready to sit in the sun then slip into the sea and cool down and then sit in the sun and dry off ready for the next swim.

    And off the other side of the boat
    Just what holidays are made of.
    Food on the boat has been wonderful, there will be many posts coming up, when I get good enough reception.
    But I thought this post might be of interest to Eric Green who a Philli aficionado.
    He is a Facebook friend have a look at his page.
    Philli Cheese had put out a Sweet Chilli Philli and it is delicious.

    I thought I would make a version of Pizza Strasbourg the most popular pizza on the Island of Moorea in Tahiti.
    Generally the base is Crème Fraiche but I thought I would use the Philli.

    Pizza dough - so simple.
    1 cup strong flour
    1 pkt yeast
    1 teaspoon salt
    1 teaspoon sugar
    1 dash olive oil
    100-200 mls hand hot water

    With a fork mix the dry ingredients and start adding the water
    When it is starting to combine use you hands and pull it together
    Adding more water little by little till you get a wet dough and it all comes away from the sides.

    On a lightly floured bench knead for about 1-2 minutes till the dough is smooth.

    Make a ball place into light oiled bowl and cover with plastic wrap.

    Leave about 1 hour till double in size.
    Roll out on lightly floured board till a nice flat circle is formed
    I use my pizza pan, but you can use a baking sheet or straight onto a pizza stone if you have one.
    I made 2 pizzas
    First one
    Philli Chilli
    ½ cup caramelised onions
    4 rashes bacon cut into lardons
    Parmesan cheese

    Cover the raw pizza with Philli and bacon lardons
    Into hot oven about 8 minutes
    Remove from oven and cover with onions and
    Grate generously with Parmesan Cheese.
    Back into oven another 8 minutes approx

    Remove and serve
    Next version

    Roll out dough
    Cover with Philli
    Into hot oven 8 minutes
    Cover with hot smoked salmon
    Spread over onions
    Once again grate generously with Parmesan

    Bake another 8 minutes approx
    And serve

    Equally delicious
    My customers enjoyed it.


    Asha said...

    Oh, you are having a great time. look beautiful with blue sky and emerald water!Pizza looks delicious, perfect mini pizza.
    happy new year, belated. I just came back blogging last week, wonderful to come back! :))

    katiez said...

    I'm trying really, really hard to be just happy for your lovely weather and not insanely jealous.
    That water looks perfect!