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    Sunday, January 18, 2009

    Whangaroa Big Gamefish Club - Best Fish and Chips in the North

    After 5 fabulous days at Omaha Beach with the family, we finally returned to the boat
    It was a fraught day, not helped by both of us feeling somewhat hung-over after a last big night at the beach. AND it is a 2 ½ hour drive. PLUS we had to buy provisions.

    We loaded the boat and then had a fabulous lunch at the Whangaroa Big Gamefish Club.
    The restaurant has been taken over by Sally and the improvement in the food is sensational…Earlier in the year pre Sally it was average, but she is making the best fish and chips I have had for a long time

    The fish was very fresh bluenose, which is an excellent fish for deep frying
    So moist.
    The batter, she makes fresh just before service, and it is crisp and light
    And good fat crisp chips

    We farewelled our Marina Manager Alan who has organised berths for us when ever we need to go back to town

    This office is brand new and what a change to the marina.
    John from the Boyd Store has been running it for years, but it’s hard when you are not on site.
    Now there is a small ablution block and a laundry facility and a man on hand to help out.

    After lunch we had a well earned nap and then motored off to find a nice anchorage for the night.

    I think Dale’s biorhythms (remember them!!! don’t hear much about those these days)
    Anyhow as he was loading wine from the cupboard to the fridge, he dropped the case and 2 bottles broke.
    Wine and glass everywhere.
    Lots of cursing.
    He had to lift the carpet and carry it out doors being careful not to spill wine and glass over the rest if the boat.
    As he was organizing to rinse it the carpet dropped over the side.
    Dear me, the dinghy was up on the davits, the carpet was drifting too fast to pick up with the boat hook

    He desperately tried to get the dinghy down, of course it was not playing the game.
    Also, just before it went in the water, he remembered that the bung was out.
    That is not easy...on the angle!
    Meanwhile the carpet was drifting gently out to sea.
    Finally the dinghy down, he jumped into it but the oars were stuck.
    Not only was the carpet drifting away it was in great danger if sinking as it absorbed more water.
    I finally got the camera trying hard not to laugh
    Back on board...he was not happy
    This time as he rinsed he made sure it was secure…mind you it was so heavy I don’t think it would have fallen overboard easily after that.
    No stains though…they say salt water does the trick well that is correct.

    I kindly poured him a well deserved glass of wine and we settled down to watch the sunset.

    It seems as though all I do is make pizza and its half true. But its such a simple lunch.
    This was one of the best I have made
    If I had a Pizza Parlour I reckon this would be a winner
    It came by chance as they do from leftovers but I liked it so much I made the “leftovers” again last night just so we could have this pizza again for lunch.

    The secret is mashed potato
    Not any old mashed potato but this version.
    Cook 3 peeled potatoes with
    1 courgette cut into chunks and 1 clove garlic in salted water.

    When tender
    Drain and roughly mash with a fork
    Add good slurp of olive oil and 1 heaped tablespoon of mint jelly
    Good grind of freshly ground black pepper and voila
    Perfect to accompany any meat or fish main courseAnd more importantly left overs for Pizza topping. It is quite a dry mash, chunky, plenty of guts.
    White pizzas like this need a spicy red base.

    1 red freshly ground black pepper sliced
    2 tablespoons olive oil
    1 clove garlic crushed
    3 anchovies

    Saute the above till soft
    Add 1 teaspoon Piri piri seasoning
    1 tin cherry tomatoes

    Slosh white balsamic vinegar
    Bring to simmer and reduce till thick
    Beautiful deep red sauce

    Slice some mozzarella cheese
    Few basil leaves for garnish

    Here is the dough recipe again

    Pizza dough - so simple.
    1 cup strong flour
    1 pkt yeast
    1 teaspoon salt
    1 teaspoon sugar
    1 dash olive oil
    100-200 mls hand hot water

    With a fork mix the dry ingredients and start adding the water
    When it is starting to combine use you hands and pull it together
    Adding more water little by little till you get a wet dough and it all comes away from the sides.

    On a lightly floured bench knead for about 1-2 minutes till the dough is smooth.

    Make a ball place into light oiled bowl and cover with plastic wrap.

    Leave about 1 hour till double in size.
    Roll out on lightly floured board till a nice flat circle is formed
    I use my pizza pan but you can use a baking sheet or straight onto a pizza stone if you have one.

    Lay the dough in your oiled pizza pan

    Cover with tomato sauce
    Put dobs of potato mix on top and spread
    Cover with slices of cheese

    Into hot oven should take about 10-15 minutes depending on your oven

    Throw on some basil some freshly ground black pepper and serve
    This is divine.


    Asha said...

    Ocean looks beautiful. It's foggy and expecting snow today here.

    When we were in Orlando last month, we went to a Disney them park and they had real British chip shop there. We were so happy to have some after so many years but it was $8 per serving!! Got ripped off by Mickey Mouse! :D

    White pizza looks yum. I made a deep pan Pizza pie, will post on Wednesday!:)

    katiez said...

    I can just see you - camera in hand, but shaking with laughter! Sometimes husbands just don't see the funny side of (their) life.
    I miss boating...Sigh...