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    Wednesday, January 28, 2009

    Day Tripper - Bondi Beach - General Confusion

    A trip to the beach
    Was in order we cried
    We’re all trusty travelers
    That can’t be denied

    So off to Town Hall Station
    Trailing like Browns cows
    We walked in formation
    This Dream team of ours

    We got to the station
    That was a breeze
    But buying the tickets
    Brought us to our knees

    Does this one notes?
    No only coins...
    Oh this one takes notes
    But spitting our ours!!!

    We’re starting to panic
    Its minutes to departure
    Finally YES we have sorted
    This impending disaster
    So tickets aloft
    We get on the train
    And off to Bondi
    Team’s clever again

    Hot at the junction
    We rushed to the bus
    More trouble with tickets
    Is it only us?

    We get to the beach
    Its golden and sandy
    Soon we were needing
    a dip in the salt sea

    Surrounded by bodies
    All tanned and funky
    All surge to the water
    To cool off their booty

    Then off to lunch
    We did calamari and prawns
    And other fine food
    Maitais, beers and wines

    So our day at the beach
    Was really fantastic
    Thank you Bondi
    You’re our kind of magic.


    Asha said...

    My, My!! It looks so hot and sunny there. We have freezing rain and fog here! :D

    Enjoy! :)

    Barbara said...

    Hope you are having fun in Sydney. Did you go to Icebergs for a drink while you were at Bondi?

    So Simple said...

    Asha it was 40C that day so hot we nearly melted but it was lovely.

    Barbara didn't go to icebergs had lunch at Nicks in the pavilion.
    Had lots of good food will blog about it later

    Anali said...

    I'm so sick of snow!! We had another snow and ice storm yesterday. I want to go to a nice warm beach!

    So Simple said...

    Sorry Anali to really bring out more envy we are just off for another couple of weeks on the boat hopefully always in the sun. Hooray.
    should be fun.

    Asha said...

    Prez Obama made the pay equal for both women and men!! YAY!! Women were paid $0.80 for the same work men did while they were paid $1.00! Isn't that so cool! :))

    Have a great weekend.

    Arfi Binsted said...

    did you get the heatwave when you were there? looks so hot. no wonder people need to be near the water hehehe

    So Simple said...

    asha things are looking good.

    Arfi yes it was 40C that day. So hot.