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    Sunday, February 08, 2009

    The Hokianga Country and Western Club on fire at Whangaroa Big Gamefish Club.

    We had an outing yesterday, The Hokianga Country and Western Club were playing for free at the Gamefish Club.
    Not ones to turn down a free concert, we brought the boat into town, anchored, popped in the dinghy, which was once again our drama for the day.
    It was blowing about 15 knots and as Dale let down the dinghy, the painter broke, and off she went. Oh dear, clothes off and dive in and Dale had to swim like the clappers, as it sailed off merrily in the breeze.
    Dinghy captured and after a quick shower we headed off to the Marina to the party.
    Weren’t quite sure what to expect but these guys put on a good show.
    If you wanted it there was tea and cakes, and some excellent, juicy smoked marlin.

    We had some Marlin and bought wine

    There are about 100 members in the Club and if they can’t play, they sing and if they can’t do any of the above, they dance. They weren’t all there but those attending did us proud.
    There was a group of up to 10 ladies who entertained us with their line dancing
    Go girls go!
    I was intrigued with the gorgeous little lady who sold the raffle, $2 each for a prize of $40.
    She had a huge smile while she took our money, she sang and danced as well.
    I think she was a real beauty in her time. She still looks great.

    Faith,(on the left below) won the raffle
    Her husband Kevin was so excited…he got out his bagpipes and played us a tune.The band was very patient...but really don't think pipes and guitars go together somehow. But it was fun nevertheless.
    The Convener for the afternoon was Bunty
    She was in charge of the programme…Love her hat
    This group play all around Northland, raising money for their Festival, held each September. It took them over an hour to come from the Hokianga.

    The band accompanied various singers… here’s the Bar Manager Greg from the Gamefish Club displaying his talents with his rendition of a few Elvis Songs. Not just a dab hand behind the bar then.
    All kind of hats were on display... Loved the Mexican Hat on the Guitarist
    Little kids joined in
    and even Dale got up for a song
    Usual stance, hands in pockets and the Crowd went wild!
    Friends Ray and Anne from the good ship Carlotta Anne invited us to this little do.
    Thanks Ray and Anne it was fun…real piece of Kiwiana, all on a hot sunny day.
    Also thanks to the Gamefish Club for hosting the event
    But special thanks to Bunty and her crew,

    Haven’t done any of my food for a while, so I must show you the excellent burgers I made. Once again using a recipe from Terry Thompson, I made hamburger buns.
    This recipe is so simple. Just need a food processor, which as luck would have it, I brought with me this time.
    Click here for the recipe.
    Made 4 good buns here ready for the oven
    They looked great. I know it is easier to go to the shop but this is so easy...if you like making bread you must try.
    No self respecting Kiwi burger is complete without beetroot.
    So caramelized onion slices, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and the big fat burger on top.
    Pretty spectacular. Beat McDonalds anyday.
    Too big for my mouth but somehow we managed.
    Few boat facts.
    Here is how we make toast you have to keep an eye on it the burn factor can be swift.
    It does make nice crisp toast, though like you used to get in hotels a few years ago.
    And here is where we get water while in Whangaroa

    $5 and fill the boat up.
    Viagra Falls don’t you love it


    Asha said...

    Oh what a fun party!! everybody is having a ball there. I saw the Movie "Australia" loved it. We didn't know much about Aussie history, loved that movie. I am a fan of Nicole Kidman since I saw her in "Bangkok Hilton" many yrs ago! :)

    Burgers are well filled, and look yum.

    So Simple said...

    Yes it was fun. Haven't seen Australia yet Movie watching has to wait until we get home many good ones to see.