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    Wednesday, February 25, 2009

    Jackson Browne at The Civic Theatre Auckland

    Just a small post we had a great evening at the Jackson Browne concert on Wednesday night.
    But...What is it with Jackson Browne’s Fans?
    This is his fourth concert tour in New Zealand. He is really popular here, as he is obviously globally.
    But where do those fans come from?
    Of course the audience tended towards elderly (understandably due to his age) but not only were they old, they were quite weird.

    He came on to rapturous applause and started playing.
    By the way how does he stay so youthful, most men would give their eye teeth for that hair…but I digress.

    People kept out shouting to him, they obviously feel they have a personal relationship with him. Never heard so many people keen to talk to the star.
    Some examples.

    “JB you’re a legend.”

    “Hey thanks for playing that concert in 1986 to help the Rainbow Warrior appeal.”

    Then this squeaky voice behind us, kept calling

    “Can we dance?
    Can we dance?”

    Another man was incensed by this.

    “Put your head in a bloody bucket and keep it there.”
    God, I thought there was going to be a punch up.
    But Jackson Browne fans are not violent and there wasn’t a riot!!!
    He shut up.

    I was intrigued by another 60 something in front of us… frantically waving his hands to a Warren Zevron song… I really thought that in his excitement he would have a heart attack. JB used to produce Warren apparently
    Our twitching friend wasn’t as impressed with the other music, maybe he is just a big fan of Warren.
    Some grey haired (once again men) groupies were down by the stage, phones in air and dancing. Only one lonely girl was on the other side.
    Not since the Tony Jo White concert have I seen so many excited older men.
    Actually the TJW crowd were lost in the 60’s, you should have seen what they were wearing. Talk about time warp.

    Not withstanding all of this…
    JB and his band gave a great concert. Excellent musicians, we loved it.
    JB and his lead guitarist have more guitars than most people have shoes, I reckon.
    According to my knowledgeable husband, each guitar was especially tuned for each number.

    They even played a beautiful guitar and mandolin made for them by a New Zealand guitar maker featuring our wonderful native Kauri wood.

    2 standing ovations, not too bad for a senior.

    PS If it had been Boz Scaggs or Jimmy Buffet on that stage maybe I would have been down waving my phone taking pictures!

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