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    Wednesday, February 04, 2009

    Sydney Restaurants - The Golden Sheaf – Casa Asturiana – Café Sydney -

    Croc’s Hot

    We have had some excellent food whilst in Sydney.
    As it was Australia Day and the day after the wedding… (more about that later)
    we decided a lunch at a beer garden would be just what the Doctor ordered.

    After pouring over Timeout
    The one that stuck out was The Golden Sheaf in Double Bay.
    Got 4 stars. I think

    So Dale and I got a cab (he had a blister on his foot…more about that later)
    The others wanted to take public transport – walk to the station – train to ferry – ferry to Double Bay – walk to the Pub.
    You see where we were coming from.
    Anyway after a painless quick trip we settled down with a NZ Sauvignon Blanc and a Tomato Bruschetta – to keep us company while we waited
    Suddenly they appeared, it turned out the ferries were closed for the day.
    So they took a cab from the station.
    The ferries are allowed out to play –on Australia day, they have a ferry race.
    Well we missed that, but who cares we had great food…

    Chris and I had Steak & Frites. Helen had duck, Katie had prawns and pasta, Dale had Tuna, can’t remember what Dan had but it was very good not much left on the plate.
    Helen is careful with what she eats (no poultry skins) that’s the only reason for not a completely clean plate.
    I forgot to take a shot before we ate but you can see how much we enjoyed it.

    Empty plates

    But the big surprise of the day was Croc on A Spit
    And it was free as it was Australia Day.
    Our 3 chefs prepared the poor old croc

    They watched it while it was rotating
    Basted it
    I was up there to get our sample.
    Served with fabulous plastic Wonder White bread
    Buttered, and with aioli on the side.

    It tasted like chicken with charred bits but it was tasty.
    Not as fishy as alligator, if I remember correctly.
    It was a long time since I ate that.
    At the New Orleans Jazz Fest in fact.
    Many moons ago.

    So a lovely lunch
    Here are our companions
    The boys looking a touch (as quoted by Rick Mayall and crew from ‘Fist Full of Travelers Cheques’)…Hotel Gay Boy!
    And our beautiful girls
    So the Golden Sheaf
    New South Head Rd
    Double Bay

    Thumbs up.

    But after that delicious lunch we went home slept it off and prepared for our friends Vicki and Phil to come and join us for Tapas. We were excited there was going to be fireworks and we had a great view from our hotel room.
    We were given the wrong info and while we were loving our tapas, the sky was alight with the sound of music and fireworks and we missed it all.
    But that didn’t ruin our night we had superb food at
    Casa Asturiana
    77 Liverpool Street Sydney

    Seconds from our hotel.
    We drank the famous Sangre de Toro and had excellent tapas.
    Chicken livers. potatoes, chorizo great garlic prawns. Always feel you must eat prawns whilst in Oz. and much much more…
    Pretty little waitresses
    And a band of happy campers.
    One more restaurant of note. In fact an exceptional restaurant
    Café Sydney
    Customs House
    just off Circular Quay
    Go by the train its easy.
    Unfortunately it was raining so we didn’t get the best view of the harbour.
    We started with cocktails
    Dale and I had a Bloody Martini
    Made with muddled roast cherry tomatoes, fresh chilli, 42 Below Vodka, Dom Benedictine, Tuaca Brandy Liqueur and lemon juice. It was sensational, would love to make that
    Have to buy Tuaca and Benedictine first will give it a go.
    Helen and Dan had Classic Matusalem Gran Reserva Old Fashioned topped with zest of orange.
    Of course you have to take out a mortgage to eat there but it was worth it.
    Of note that had a special lift for wheelchairs, so all are welcome. Liked that.

    The food was beautifully presented and tasted pretty good as well.Some samples
    Chilled Gazpacho with Yabbies and avocado

    Peppered Wagu Carpaccio
    Moreton Bay Bugs with Waldorf Salad and Ocean Trout Roe
    Prawns with Green Peas and Spinach Gnocchi
    And an excellent Cheese Platter some French, some Aussie

    All in all pretty spectacular…must go there again
    So Good on ya Sydney…you treated us well


    Barbara said...

    Looks like a successful visit to Sydney. Some great food. Yes I agree always eat prawns in Australia. They are the best.

    Asha said...

    Food is so delicious!
    They make Alligator burgers in New Orleans, Louisiana. My husband ate one, I didn't! Chickened out! :D

    Have fun there.