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    Sunday, November 01, 2009

    Rangiriri Pub. A Great Place to Stop for Lunch

    If you are traveling out of Auckland, a great place for a breather and a tasty, 'great value for money', lunch. Try the Rangiriri Pub.
    Situated just south of the Bombay Hills
    This is a real tasty of Kiwiana for New Zealanders and Tourists alike.
    We liked it so much, we had lunch on the way down to Hamilton and timed our trip back to Auckland, so that we could lunch there again.
    Decorated in that Victorian way, the food is definitely not Victoriana.
    First, we got a nice chilled glass of Sauvignon Blanc.
    Filled to the brim. Perfect!
    Dale had the soup of the day, 'Pumpkin with Garlic Bread.' He loved that
    I devoured the 'Stack of Pancakes with Smoked Salmon and Salad.'
    And we treated ourselves to $5 worth of chips. Crisp, golden and really tasty.
    This fab lunch, only set us back $27 plus $17 for the wine.
    Good price.
    The colourful machine (below) was a little out of place, but probably keeps the kids out of their parents hair, whilst they are imbibing.
    So on the way back, I had the 'Pork and Pineapple Sub'. It was delicious.
    The pork was so tender and the gravy wonderful.
    The canned pineapple went to the side of my plate...other than that I couldn't complain.
    Dale repeated his soup experience. Thumbs up from him again.
    The lady behind us had the 'Scallop and Bacon Sub.'
    You will never go hungry in this Pub.
    Top Marks to the Publican and his Staff.
    You're on our list of "Top Pubs to Visit" in New Zealand


    AKA Jane Gianoutsos

    Ah, one of my childhood locals! Kiwiana is a good summary. (can I be just a little bit pedantic and point out that it's actually Rangiriri - just for anyone trying to find it on a map!)

    So Simple said...

    Thank you I will fix that immediately Cheers