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    Tuesday, January 12, 2010

    Can't Find Duck - Use Snapper Instead

    Where have all the ducks gone? Is it not the season or something?
    This dish was originally designed to have with Duck Breasts complete with crispy skin,
    brushed with honey and five spice powder.

    It was cooked on Food TV by Michael Caines on Market Kitchen.
    So as luck would have it, I was shopping at Nosh in Dominion Rd and when the Duck option was no longer an option. I was lucky enough to have at my fingertips, beautiful fresh fish.
    I wanted a more meaty fish and the Snapper looked just fine.
    I think if you want to do this, try some Hapuka (Grouper) or Bluenose. But the Snapper was great.

    I will redo it with the Duck Breast, another Day and blog that then.

    So it is in 4 components, counting the Potatoes.
    All very simple but you will need 4 pans.
    I roasted the fish, that was very easy.
    The whole dish is very delicious.
    This will feed 4 people
    Snapper on a bed of Spinach and Mushroom and Pea Fricassee. 
    Accompanied with little new potatoes
    1 filet of fish per person
    Olive oil
    Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

    200 gms Baby spinach ( 2 bags)

    Olive oil
    Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

    125 gms butter (unsalted is best)
    2 shallots finely diced

    250 gms brown Mushrooms Cut into chunks
    Sea salt

    Lemon juice

    100 gms peas (fresh or frozen)
    50 mls chicken stock
    50 mls water
    Chopped mint
    Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

    New potatoes cooked and tossed with some butter.

    Make the Fricassee first
    Take 30 gms butter
    Sweat shallots with a pinch of salt
    Add mushrooms
    Toss around till cooked
    Add squeeze of lemon juice
    Add stock and water
    Bring to the boil
    Add peas and cook till  tender ( about 2 minutes)

    Put to one side while you prep the rest
    When ready to serve bring back up to boil
    Add chopped mint
    Swirl around remainder of butter
    Season to taste

    Heat oven to 210C
    Season Fish and brush well with olive oil
    Into oven 6 minutes
    Remove ready for plating.

    In another pan
    Add slurp olive oil
    Throw in spinach
    Toss till wilted
    Put aside.

    Now to put together

    First the Spinach on the plate
    Place some fricassee on top
    Place the fish fillet
    and finish off with more Fricassee

    Pop some new potatoes around
    and serve.

    For dessert Warm Berries and Pineapple served with Peach and Pineapple Sorbet

    I really love this Warm Fruit Salad  -Inspiration Ina Garten
    I have made it several times but I have never blogged it.
    So Here goes

    2 punnets Raspberries
    1 punnet Blueberries
    2 cups chopped Pineapple
    2 tablespoons Sugar
    2 tablespoons Raspberry Liqueur (Optional but for me necessary)

    Put 1 punnet raspberries, the rest of the fruit and sugar into a saucepan
    Bring to boil
    Simmer about 5 minutes
    Let cool about 10 minutes
    Add Liqueur and rest of raspberries

    Serve on plate with your favourite ice cream

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