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    Wednesday, January 27, 2010

    KIngfish Lodge - Fine Food and Fun - Whangaroa Harbour

    Silverado invited us to join them at Kingfish Lodge for Dinner.
    This exclusive Lodge is situated just in from the entrance to Whangaroa Harbour. It is unique. The only way to approach it is by boat or helicopter.

    We have spent many a fun time at this lodge and we were excited about our return.
    As we arrived it immediately, became obvious that mooring at the dock was going to be difficult.Even Geoff and Laurian who can turn on a sixpence, were having problems. I was very nervous.

    It may not look like it, but it was blowing at least 15-20 knots. We had to pick up a  mooring and then back in to the jetty. Not looking good.
    Solution, we anchored, Dale went over and got Geoff, 2 boys are better than one boy and an useless girl.
    He came back straight away, just to tell me that they were going to wait till the afternoon breeze died down. Then he shot off to have a drink. Suited me. Got dressed and poured a gin and waited.
    Finally we were able to go into the dock and without too many problems, we docked.
    Needed the girls on land, though to catch ropes and tie us up. Mission accomplished
    Getting off the boat was interesting. This was as close as we could get.
    Croatia all over again but there you had a plank to cross.
    Dale leapt across…Not me.
    Solution pull Cajun Moon close to Silverado and went from there. I needed help as I am yes really useless in these situations.
    Any way we finally went ashore. They were waiting for us. We had a drink or two and then the Chef Paul Field came out with the specials
    He suggested that we tried the calamari. We ordered a platter, to share It was excellent
    So we ordered another one.
    The menu was tempting. I had the poussin special
    Girls had the scallops
     Dale had the snapper

    Geoff had steak, we all know what a good steak looks like.
    The food was very good. Highly recommended.
    Chef Paul, we love your food.
    So the evening wore on
    Geoff was in fine form
    A fishing story perhaps!!!
    Dale of course has "The Cold" which meant hundreds of tissues.
    The girls got a giggle out of that
    Back to Silverado for a nightcap...more stories from Geoff
    Just another couple of wines, to finish of the night.
    Definitely winding down. 
    Took a couple of people, to get the boats close enough for me to get across.
    Not a problem, all safe and sound.
    In the morning, the girls off to pay our bill.
    It was a lot easier to get off the dock. So Bye Kingfish and Silverado...
    A fun night.Thanks to all.


    Asha said...

    Fun fun! Food looks delicious too. We are having the coldest weather here, will snow on Friday.

    katiez said...

    The food looks great - but, whenever I visit I realize how very much I miss boating. We're actually thinking about selling this place (when done) and buying a boat...