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    Sunday, January 10, 2010

    How to use the Vege up in the Fridge - Don't make Soup, make Fritters

    As our time winds down, on this part of our journey, we needed to use up all of the fresh food.
    There was some left over meat sauce, originally used for pasta.
    I was keen to make pies for lunch.
    No oven of course, but how about empanadas.
    Those cute little pies, that you can fry.
    Defrosted some pastry and rolled out little circles.

    Popped some meat mixture in and sealed the pies.
    I brushed them with egg wash to make sure they were sealed and wouldn't leak.
    Shallow fry.
    I would do this again, but next time making sure, that one has the right oil for frying.
    I only had Extra Virgin Olive Oil and it is not the best.
    But accompanied by a little cucumber tomato and avocado salad. It still made a tasty lunch.

    So dinner loomed.
    The Skipper waiting for his pre-dinner drink.
    Hurry up Lana
    We still had lots of vege, some sweet corn. carrots courgette, chilies, red onion, yellow pepper.
    Lets make fritters
    Just shuck the corn, grate the carrots and courgettes...
    Finely chop chilies, onion and yellow pepper.
    Toss the vege in 1/2 cup self raising flour, salt, pepper
    Add enough eggs to make a batter

    Fry in batches.  Once again Rice Bran or a comparable oil is best.
    These are as good at room temperature, as hot from the pan.

    Ms Lana went to work on some prawns to accompany the fritters
    First thaw the prawns
    (The green prawn meat from St Pierres is fantastic, succulent prawns, shelled and tailed and a really good price as well)

    She made a marinade of
    Crushed garlic,
    Fresh chili finely chopped
    Juice and Zest if 2 lemons
    Sea salt and Freshly ground black pepper

    Olive oil

    Saute in a med hot pan
    Onto serving dish, pour over juices from the pan

    Just delicious.
    Candles do add atmosphere.
    The plan was to sit in the sun and make the most of our last day.
    But that bloody South West wind chilled the air and water temperatures to Brass Balls country.
    So, back on the sea and home James.
    A good breeze for windsurfers
    Ms Lana whipped up a morning cocktail.
    Only vodka left, was a raspberry flavoured variety.
    She called it in a "Bloody Mess"
    Accompanied by the rest of the avocado, made into a dip, a nice healthy morning tea.
    All vege...not too many calories in that!
    Pulling into Westhaven, and there, with a group of eager sailors.
    Endless Summer the boat belonging to
    Ms Penny Whiting of the Penny Whiting Sailing School... She's an Auckland Icon.
    Almost everyone I know, that has had any contacts with boats, have done her course
    Go Penny.
    Finally packed up, wiped down and wearily made our way home.
    Plenty of TV to watch. Thank you My Sky.
    Might be land bound but that's not too bad.
    How about this for a lovely day?
    Sunday morning in Parnell. I can live with that.


    Asha said...

    Fritters look yum, Olive oil makes a good dip. Looks sunny and you are having a great time. Enjoy.

    It's so bloody cold here, freezing 12F. Daughter left for college y'day, so a bit lonely but glad she is doing well.

    Happy 2010 to you both, wish you the best.

    Jeffrey said...

    Luv ur posts ducky. Keep 'm comin! Just finished two weeks of powder skiing here in the N Lats and your pics of sun & sea are tres seductive.. Variety calls eh?