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    Monday, October 04, 2010

    My friend Babara is running an event on her blog Winos and Foodies to celebrate LIVEstrong Day,  October 2nd 2010. Read her amazing story on her blog.
     My Heart, drawn by my beautiful Grandaughter Mia aged 8
    It's  Cancer Awareness Day. For the last 4 years that Barbara's event has been around. Food Bloggers from all over have been  creating Blogs with "A Taste of Yellow". :People making food with a yellow theme and usually some wonderful photography. It has been a fun event  for a serious Cause.
    This year luckily we have been blessed. No new cases of cancer amongst our family or close friends. That's fantastic. It is so hard on everyone, when a loved one is diagnosed with this ghastly disease. Barbara's story is an inspiration to us all.  Also my friend Ellen's daughter and fought and won her battle as well, have a look at her blog. BatMom
    Its a fascinating account of her battle. I notice that she hasn't posted since June. She's well and now making the most of her life with her adored family and friends.

    My contribution this year, is not food I have actually cooked. It is an account of our trip to the Game Fishing Club here in Rarotonga.

    We have discovered this wonderful little Fish and Chip boat shop called The Flying Boat, with some of the best Fish and Chips. They up there in the Top 5.
    It was a windy day but we were sheltered
    The waves were crashing up against the reef, it was noisy and wild.
    There was a bit of Drama.
    Mia told Cleo, that her Beanie Babies
    seen below

    would be washed away in the waves.
    Oh dear, no matter how many times you say sorry, it won't wash with a 3 year old.
    So off to the car, complete with babies and the Fish and Chips.
    You can just see her in the background, in the blue car.
    In a way that was a bit of a bonus, we got to eat in peace.
    Yellow food, at it's best.
    Golden Crispy Fried Fish and Chips, Pineapple Fritter on the side
    served with a straw coloured, crisp, New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and some beautiful Frangipani with a "Touch of Yellow", to decorate our table.
    Food fit for a King.

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    Unknown said...

    Gilli I'm envious of your Island holiday. I can almost smell the frangipane.

    It is a lovely heart and thank you for sharing it with me on LiveSTRONG Day.