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    Friday, October 01, 2010

    Rarotonga- Intrepid Safari Seekers -Getting Troppo in Raro

    "I love this Rongatonga!"

    Two stunning mermaids

    Chris took the little girls out for an adventure.

    It was quite a journey, They went to visit Penelope Pig our constant neighbour and Wastemaster. Penelope has a baby, which Tony our hos,t is fattening up for a feast. We are supplying very good quality food for them both. As you might imagine that information is not for small ears.

    Some interesting sights en route.
    Beach Sculpture!

    They made it down to the beach.  Ms Mia Photographer of the Year. Hard to believe she is only 8.

    Chris then became a pack horse, as the small one found it a little hard traveling back up the hill.
    We have discovered two excellent beaches with good swimming holes.
     Ms Lana our last Intrepid explorer, found this one on the southern side, now named after her, "The LeiLana Beach"

    and then, Chris found "The Noever Beach", named by Ms Cleo (her name for the Whatever Bar) which faces west and is perfect for afternoon sunning and swimming

    Aha, what a good idea, plastic chairs for the beach
     Very Ms Sheryl, so off to the Onnia Warehouse for a couple of chairs. Grandma's shouldn't have to sit on the mat on the sand, me thinks!

    So on the way home dropped off at the Game Fishing Club for Fish and Chips from the cute little boat shop.
    Very good Fish and Chips. Will be back there.

    Katie took the girls to collect shells, whilst waiting for the Fish and Chips

    Can't get a lot better than that.

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