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    Wednesday, October 27, 2010

    Rarotonga-Food From the Island

     Above the final Team Raro 2010, They arrived on this actual plane
    They have been having a terrible time.
    Night One, Assume The Position with our lovely Eis
    Fresh Mahi Mahi on the brand new BBQ thank you Tony and Kathy.

    The Beach
     The Electronics

     The pool
     The wildlife
     Dining out.
     The host!
     You have to work for your supper here.
     The waterfall, Hiria, John and Joseph's Big Adventure
    They did a trip. It has been so dry on the island the Waterfall had dried up but with the enormous of rain in the past few weeks now it is replenished.  It was a public holiday yesterday... The locals loving having their pool back
     So many people

    And this Team have produced the best washer ups
     How about that for a clean kitchen? They can come again.

    The produce on this island is amazing. AND cheap if you go to the right places.
    This little lot cost me $10, all packed into a big plastic bag, so fresh and beautiful
    Dan has been the fish  buyer, we have eaten Sashimi, Ika Mata 3 different ways,
    Look at this Tuna, like a jewel
    BBQ Marlin with Papaya Salsa nesting on a bed of Rukau.
     Ika Mata variation, Adding some Papaya and Havana Club Rum. Good hit of Chili. Yum.
    This Marlin was deconstructed Thai Green Curry

    Island Fries.
    Using NZ Potatoes, Island Kumara and Taro.

    Rukau, For those that don't know, Rukau is the leaves of the Taro plant, they call it the Island Spinach
    First you have to remove the fibrous stalk.
    Cut it up and cook in in a little water for quite a while. If it is not cooked enough you get "The Itchy Throat"
    So then you add some garlic, coconut cream, season it well
    and cook it for about another 30 minutes. Divine.

    you name it... we have cooked it (Almost)
    Big salads, with Garlic Pizza Bread.

    and to top it all off, Fresh Suckling Pig, roasted, with Potatoes (from NZ) and Butternut, Cabbage, Spring onions (all local) and Frozen Peas.
    I have only eaten Suckling Pig once at a restaurant in Argentina...This was only killed a couple of days ago, by our Host Tony and he kindly dropped off a leg for us.
    It is an amazing cut of meat. So white and clean almost like marble. No hair. Smooth as a baby's Bum!
     Hiria oiling and salting it
     Look at that, How about that crackling?
     And local Butternut and NZ Potatoes

    What feasts we have enjoyed, all washed down with a bevy or two.

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