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    Saturday, February 05, 2011

    New Zealand Pizza? You Say – A Clash of Cultures Perhaps…or a Touch of Genius?

    Bliss... Mr Dale relaxing in the pretty green waters of the Whangaroa Harbour
    I want to call this a New Zealand Pizza if I’m allowed.

    Our family have always been great ones for putting leftovers on top of toast, throw on some grated cheese and pop under the grill. We particularly loved cold potatoes. A British throw back to chip butties etc. Another huge favourite
    I’ll digress for a moment. This is a very greedy tale. I loved chip butties for school lunch. My Mother refused to make them, she disapproved. So I would run across the road to the corner store and buy ½ Long John loaf. (You know the one you picked at if your Mother was stupid enough to get you to pick up the bread, from the store, after school. Frequently, there wouldn’t be much of the loaf left) So soft and fresh.
    I then made a pan full of chips, sliced the bread, buttered it, placed the hot chips on top and wrapped them in greaseproof paper while still warm. Brown bagged them and off to school I went. I actually made 3 whole sandwiches… 6 slices of bread.
    The aroma coming out of my school desk was too much for me and often I would lift the lid and have a quick bite. One day I had consumed them all before lunch. I had to sit there while all around people were tucking in.
    I was only allowed to do this about once a fortnight. I guess my Mother was worried about me getting too fat.

    So back to the pizza.
    I made a very easy Tomato Sauce
    Its so so simple.
    I small onion peeled and finely chopped
    1 clove garlic chopped
    2 tablespoons olive oil
    S & P
    1 tablespoon dried oregano
    1 can tomatoes
    Large Pinch sugar
    Splash of balsamic, I actually like to use white balsamic for this

    Sauté onions and garlic till soft
    Season with Salt, Pepper and oregano
    Add tomatoes and sugar bring to simmer
    Left gently cook till nice and thick
    Add splash vinegar

    Cook for another 4-5 minutes
    Taste and adjust seasoning if necessary

    Cool and put aside

    To assemble pizza
    Cold minted potatoes grated
    Salami and or smoked salmon sliced finely
    Grated Cheese Cheddar

    Roll out the dough
    Cover with tomato sauce
    Add salami or salmon
    Cover with grated potato
    Then generous amount of cheese
    Good grind black pepper

    Into 200C oven for 10-15 minutes.
    Cool a bit…other wise "Burnt Tongue Syndrome"
    Biting into that potato cheesy mixture

    I now want to sing the praises of this bread recipe.
    Click here to get the recipe
    Not only have I made Pizza and Focaccio Style bread
    BUT I have also turned it into a nice little white loaf
    Good crumb

    Makes excellent toast.
    The toaster on the boat requires a bit of expertise not to get Burnt toastIts amazing what one can do when one is pressed


    Barbara said...

    I love chip butties too. As I child I loved mashed potatoes on white bread. It infuriated my mother when I loaded a slice of bread with my potatoes at the dinner table. I think it was more about bad table etiquette than worying about my weight.

    Cursuri Cosmetica said...

    Aside from the fact that I love pizza (I guess everyone does), I am most surprised by that bread. I mean it looks delicious. So I get you used the same dough for the bread as for the pizza, right? Anyway, looks amazing.

    So Simple said...

    Hi Cursuri Cosmetica Yes the same dough and procedure. I leave to rise a little longer 1st time and then another 30 minutes after I have shaped it for the loaf. Very successful and easy as.

    peasepudding said...

    Ah chip butties, what sweet memories soaked in malm vinegar too. The bread looks delish!