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    Thursday, April 07, 2011

    Letters from Abroad - Christmas 1967

    26th December 1967

    Mr. & Mrs. P Schultz                                    Mrs. G Wrightson
    11 Viking Av                                                 186 London RD
    Hillsborough                                                 Twickenham
    Auckland NZ                                                Middlesex UK

    Dear Sandy and Pete

    Best of luck in your new jobs.

    When we received your card (which we thoroughly enjoyed) I thought, Silly Bitch didn’t send me her address so I can’t write BUT God was with us and the next day came your most welcome letter with the address. So here I am. Our Xmas had been very quiet. At least this weekend had. Just the two of us.

    Trouble was I didn’t buy any decorations. On Sat when we went shopping the shops were crowded and I wasn’t well so I wanted to get home as quickly as possible. So our Christmas wasn’t really Christmas. But we had a couple of bottle of Champagne, real stuff and consequently had to have a little sleep. Television has been marvelous and tonight’s programme is great including the Beatles New film Magical Mystery Tour”. We even went for a walk to freshen up. Imagine us walking.
    No wonder we aren’t fat. I didn’t feel at all self conscious in my short skirts. Dale bought me for Christmas a mini slip and bra to match in Navy with red trimmings and also a black bra slip (all in one) and bikini pants.

    They are super. We got tons of Christmas Cards (including yours), which made me feel very guilty as I didn’t send any thinking we wouldn’t get any. We also got your wedding photos also one from Jan and Gerry, she made a beautiful bride, the prettiest I think I’ve ever seen, even better than Adrianne Kay.

    Our Pre Xmas was good a few parties including one at Tim’s on Friday but Dale ruined that. During the day we started drinking at work about 1 o’clock and I got suitable rotten, impressed everyone with my dancing, which after picking up a few tricks from Trinidad is getting quite wild.

    They are all very conservative and I had more partners than I could handle.
    Did wonders for my ego. Anyway after several parties at work them, onto one at Richmond I sobered up for Tim’s and one of the chaps from our lab gave up some of his time to run me home in time for Dale, who arrived home 5 minutes after me. Guess what? Rotten, he was sick and spent the rest of the evening asleep. Bang went Tim’s party I was furious. I rang Tim and apologized. I sat there fuming all night and when her finally awoke I gave him What Ho. Typical Dale he just laughed.
    We also had a wine and cheese on Tuesday at work. First they had the film “Dr No’ then on with the wine and cheese. Once again we got high and had a marvelous time. I have been boozed more here, than ever at home. This trip has done us the world of good.
    We have both become much more relaxed and our image had changed, we are even more gay that ever and really enjoying ourselves.

    I wish Sandy you could see our new clothes.
    Don’t worry we haven’t gone MOD just more modern and with it. I even possess false eyelashes and have invested in new makeup.
    No foundation though just a highlighter at (don’t faint) 6/9, plus a brush a bit better than your 30/- you paid.
    Exactly the same thing. Bet it makes you sick.

    As well as new clothes I whipped up the hem on my existing wardrobe
    Note the length of the skirt: (Above just after arrival in the UK)
    Below: Same Suit, 3 inches shorter. (In Devon a few months later)

    Did I tell you Joy Bilby is expecting in April. We haven’t heard from Pete and Glenys if their baby has come yet It’s due now, also Barbara and Terry Christie.
    Last we heard from Glenys last week. No signs of labour then.
    We had a letter from Dave Holey also a Xmas Card from Heiko.
    Did Dave come over because of his girlfriend? It sounds like it.
    If you ever want to visit Glenys their address is 7a Kempthorne Cres., Kohimarama.
    Their surname, Burt.
    I must stop soon, Top of the Pops is on. All the Top Tunes for ’67.
    You know I barely got used to writing 1967 on cheques, don’t know how I’ll manage with ’68.
    What’s more, it’s leap year Sandy. I
    If I forget to send you a birthday card on time. Happy Birthday and we hope sincerely you’ll both be very happy in Auckland. You know we really miss you all.
    Below The actual Birthday Card Appropriate as it turns out. Obviously I did send it in the boss's time.

    We are still not homesick but occasionally I have pangs for friends and family but we are lucky and get letters nearly every day.
    Still haven’t written to Colin but I will do shortly. Work is great here, developing all the new products. You’re really in it. Hope to hear from you soon
    Lots of love Gillian and Dale

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    rajumadhur said...

    Sorry but i was like LMAO when i saw the picture in which you have gone crazy and dancing.. and the remaining all the pictures and the story were so interesting. i really like your blog very much.. and am sure i wont leave your blog so soon :D

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