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    Monday, April 11, 2011

    Letters from Abroad - Winter

    14th February 1968
    Mr. & Mrs. P Schultz              Mrs. G Wrightson
    11 Viking Av                           186 London RD
    Hillsborough                           Twickenham
    Auckland NZ                          Middlesex UK

    Dear Sandy and Pete,

    Sorry to be so long in answering but honestly I have been so lazy lately, all my letters are piling up.
     I wrote so many letters while I was away.
    I don’t know if I told you in the card I sent you, by the way did you get it, Anyhow as I was saying, we now have a car. 1963 Mini, white and seems to go very well.
    Our friend Phil Webster with his son Graeme in the White Mini

    I have been driving it to work but we have a slight problem which developed last night in the pouring rain. The windscreen wipers tied themselves in knots SO I spent a terrifying drive home. Couldn’t see a bloody think so today I came by train as the weather is still funny.
    Very depressing weather, millions of grey days and really grey. All the houses are brick. I’ll tell you I don’t think we’ll ever buy a brick house AND most of them are identical. They all blend in with the grey weather. Horrible… but besides that England’s social life or should I say ours has picked up considerably and we have been having a fabulous time since we bought the car.
    Last weekend we only spent Saturday morning at home. On Friday night I stayed at the Club, oh I must tell you I had a lovely time on Friday, as all of my work clothes needed dry cleaning I wore to work one of my mini dresses. A nice one, navy blue with white lace around the neck and down the front.

    Well I had young men around me all day. I had 6 of them chatting me up.
    Boy I was chuffed Think I will wear it again. Anyhow on Friday night we went for a Chinese nosh and then onto the Crown, a Pub in Twickenham which has Jazz on Friday nights, We had a fun time there also ran out of petrol.
    Saturday Dale went to the England/Ireland rugby match at Twickenham and then onto the Pub where all the rugby fans go. At this pub when there is an international match there is a girl there that strips. He missed it by half and hour the first time and the 2nd time she wouldn’t do it, so on Saturday he thought he was made. Things were really swinging at the Pub so about 7 pm he decided to come and get me as he thought I might enjoy it, so he ran all the way home and guess what I wasn’t there. I had gone to visit Rikki and Terry and usually he isn’t home at that time so I didn’t hurry home.
    Terry Yearbury and Yours truly in their flat in Ealing.
    AND while he was away the girl stripped. He was pipped. Gosh I laughed. When I finally arrived home we rushed around to Tim’s where Dale had dinner as I had already eaten and then we met the others at a Pub in East Sheen where we had a roaring time, then we crashed a party and livened it up for the hostess. So having a car makes all the difference, we have been to visit people we haven’t had a chance to before.
     The frequently mentioned Tim.
    One problem, we also spend all our money. I got paid on Thursday £13 and spent it all by Sunday, disgusting,
    I got a letter from Marilyn on Monday. Good to hear all the news again.
    Well you two how is Auckland?
    I’ll tell you I miss the weather, but the summer is coming Thank God.
    We have a film show at work on Sunday and the Private Life of Henry VIII, remember that on TV.
    We had some sad news on Monday Dale’s Grandfather died. When I saw the telegram I was too scared to open it and I must admit I was relieved when I read it, because it was a good thing.
    He died as they had put him in Porirua as he was completely senile.
    Young Dianne’s wedding apparently went off well and everyone enjoyed themselves,
    St Valentines Day today
    The postman didn’t bring me any cards. What a shame.
     Our backyard in Twickenham
     Cute...young love
     Richmond in the snow

    We think we might be home for Christmas this year but I suppose we might change our plans again.
    Nevertheless I will let you know when we are expected in Auckland. Hope to hear from you again, send my love to Nan and Grandy.

    Love Gillian and Dale

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    Anonymous said...

    What lovely memories in words and picture Gillian, love the mod clothes you worn and good on you for wearing your mini dress to work.