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    Saturday, April 09, 2011

    Two Soups - The Last of the Tomatoes and Simple Sweet Potato

    It is so sad, Beautiful Outdoor Tomatoes have come to the end of their Season and we are back to the slightly insipid Vine Ripened. Better than nothing I guess but I do miss that deep colour and flavour
    Once again I was inspired by Alex Guarnaschelli, Star of 'Alex's Day Off'
    I already have a couple of excellent Tomato soup recipes but this one is fantastic.
    Using fresh and canned tomatoes, you get the slightly smoky taste of the blistered fresh tomatoes
    The blended with well seasoned canned tomatoes. Can't get mush better than this

    The soup is made in two stages. Not difficult but well worth while.

    First you have to blister the fresh tomatoes in a pan
    then you Blitz them
    Meanwhile in another pan. you cook down aromatic vegetables and combine with canned tomatoes

    Next blend both pans and Voila.
    Wonderful Tomato Soup

    1 tablespoon Rice bran oil
    12 medium tomatoes, core removed and bottoms scored
    1 tablespoon sugar
    1/4 cup vermouth or white wine

    2 tablespoons Olive oil
    3 Shallots, peeled and chopped finely
    10 cloves of garlic, peeled and smashed with the back of a knife
    Good pinch chili flakes
    1/2 teaspoon white pepper
    1 tablespoon oregano
    Sea salt
    1 can peeled tomatoes
    1 teaspoon sugar

    Heat oil in  shallow pan big enough to hold the tomatoes
    It needs to be smoking

    Add prepared  tomatoes

    When crackling and skins start to blacken, turn over
    Add 1 tablespoon sugar
    Take pan off heat
    Then add 1/4 cup dry vermouth
    Back onto the flame

    Simmer till just tender

    Cool and blitz in Blender

    Place Olive oil in another pan
    Add shallots and garlic 
    Season with chili, white pepper,  oregano, and salt
    Stir when cooked down add canned tomatoes
    Add some water and 1teaspoon sugar
    Crush tomatoes and stir
    Now put this mix into the blender
    Blitz it as well
    Add to fresh tomato soup
    Look at that colour - divine
    Serve with a slurp olive oil
    Make croutons cover with cheese under grill serve on top of soup
    I didn't do that but I'm sure it would be delicious

    Now for a really Simple All in One Pot Soup

    Try this Sweet Potato Soup
    Once again inspired by a North American.
    Canadian in fact, Chef Michael Smith.
    It seems, that it is common to add cinnamon to Pumpkin and Sweet Potato
    In fact Both of these Vegetables are frequently used in desserts.
    Quite unusual for this part of the world but I do have to say, the cinnamon adds just that little extra

    1 tablespoon olive oil
    1 onion peeled and chopped
    1 carrot roughly chopped
    1 stick celery sliced
    1 clove garlic sliced
    5 medium Sweet potatoes, Peeled and chopped
    2 teaspoons cinnamon
    Freshly ground black pepper
    2 chicken stock cubes
    Sea Salt to taste

    In a pot add Olive oil
    Place chopped onions
    Cook till they soften
    Add carrot, celery and garlic
    Stir around and cook for a couple of minutes
    Add Sweet Potato and cinnamon
    Stir again
    Meanwhile dissolve Stock cube in hot water
    Add to Vege
    Add water till everything is well covered

    Bring to boil
    Simmer till vege are soft (about 30 minutes)
    Taste and adjust seasoning if necessary
    Into the trusty Blender again
    Guaranteed, you will have more than one bowl.

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