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    Thursday, August 11, 2011

    Have iPad - Will Travel…Anywhere

    I really don't know what I would do one without my iPad.
    Currently I am looking after my 2 youngest grandchildren.
    While their parents are having a well earned holiday in the snow.
    My daughter emailed me a list of things relevant to the girls
    I picked it up on my iPad Email, copied the txt and pasted it in Notes.
    I also made a list of all the things I can't live without, while I'm away.
    You know, the camera, plus charger, plus chord to connect to computer for downloading.
    There’s also the ipad charger which is a multi-tasker and charges the phone as well.

    When I first started my blogs, It was all about food, (really still is, but I must sing the praises of this Gadget, The iPad)…Anyway I filled copious notepads and diaries,
    which then had to be typed onto the computer,
    Now I sit in front of the TV,
    writing on the Notes App, about the programmes, I have recorded on My Sky.
    Then I email them to myself. Voila there they are, already typed and ready to go on my Mac.

    Must just drop in here, how fabulous My Sky is.
    I used to religiously tape, every cooking programme I fancied.
    Watch it, replay, make notes, wipe, ready for the next nights viewing, then cook.
    Blog that recipe and start all over again.

    At the beginning, Chefs were rather precious about their recipes but slowly most of the Food Networks have great Web pages, with almost anything you want to make.
    I can go online, find a recipe from a Chef who has inspired me... and I want to trial...copy and paste it into Notes (which is synched into my iPhone)
    Using my Shop Shop List (which is also synched to my iPhone)
    Compile the ingredients onto Shop Shop
    Pop the phone into my purse and a-shopping we will go.
    To cook, place iPad on bench.
    Open up my recipe and away we go.
    Cook away. Make any notes
    Email finished product to my Mac

    Download pictures from the trusty camera
    And I'm ready to go with a new blog.
    Get rid of all that paper.
    AND on the Notes App, each page is dated and there is an index making it easy to find everything.

    So onto more delights.
    I have loads of book Tucked Away in my Kindle.
    So, farewell the box of heavy books, I usually used to lug around.
    There also TV shows, Movies right from iTunes.

    And to keep me up to date Wunder Radio
    I can tune into any local or overseas station that I fancy.
    Our friend Stu hosts a show on Eastside FM radio in Sydney on a Thursday
    I can tune into him while I am cooking, cleaning or blogging.
    Even listed to Mark Kennedy on 2UE on his midnight to dawn shift a few weeks ago.
    On top of that s of course the games...favourites are
    solitaire in 3 variations
    And the fads,
    Flight plan,

    Angry birds,

    So I can pick my emails, read and comment on my FB page,
    Read the paper.
    All of this before I get out of bed.
    Oh and I forgot my granddaughter Mia showed an excellent app called Relax and Rest
    Have trouble sleeping? Turn this on, when you are ready to sleep and this lovely lady does the whole Yoga wind down, to totally relax you and work out all of the stresses of the day.

    Another excellent App is My Net Diary.
    Easiest way of recording what you eat everyday
    Also synched to the iPhone and the Mac
    I have just quietly dropped about 5 kilos over 6 weeks.
    No stress…even room for a wine or 3

    So the list goes on.
    Oh how about the Maps and GPS
    And another thing, We had a power cut the other night....cant find a torch, use your iPad. (Actually I have used my phone before today, as have many of you, I'm sure) The iPad is  mush better because of their size. Bigger Screen...Bigger light.

    Thanks to the Taymacs who lent this to me, and Then, gifted it to have changed my life.
    I will never be bored in retirement.

    All I need is for my iPad to do my exercise for me and my life is close to perfect.

    1 comment:

    Mark Kennedy said...

    Amazing! It'd be worth it at double the price just to be able to listen to that Mark Kennedy fellow on Sydney's 2UE.