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    Sunday, December 30, 2012

    Christmas Leftovers - Over Catered Lunch Keeps On Giving

    After an Excellent Christmas Day Feast
    We had Leftover Salmon and Peas

    I have people coming over tonight.
    Let's make Fish Pie

    This is not so much a recipe, just assembling really
    I defrosted some Prawns to bulk up the Salmon
    and quickly roasted them
    Saute some Leeks in Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    Season with Sea salt and freshly Ground Black Pepper
    for about 4-5 minutes
    Toss in a good slurp of white wine
    Let the wine bubble away
    Remove from heat
    Throw them into a good Bechamel sauce
    Flavour that with some lemon zest
    I also added leftover Tartare Sauce
    Mix well together

    Top Salmon and Peas with the Prawns
    Mix in the White Sauce and top with fluffy mashed potatoes

    Here ya Go...ready for the oven set at 180C
    Pop it in for about 30 minutes till all bubbly and golden

    Dinner is served!

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