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    Friday, June 05, 2009

    Ah Amsterdam - We like you lots

    We are settling into life in Amsterdam. We are staying in the most central place. You can walk to so many wonderful sights in minutes really.

    It really is a stunning city. Amazingly low on cars and amazingly high on Bikes
    The bike info of course, is not news to anyone, you would have to be wrapped up in tissue paper and stored away in a trunk not to know that. But I was amused by the style of bike. The bike I received for my 10th birthday all those years ago wouldn't look out of place.
    It is early summer, but the temperature is very low, it is the same as Auckland. But the difference is that in Auckland, I had warm clothes. Below JT and I were shopping for scarves to keep our necks warm.There is not the hustle and bustle of a city like New York or London, I feel very much at home. Could be walking around Parnell or Ponsonby but quainter. More bikes than people in this area. The canals are so tranquil. Love those pretty little boats and barges. The bikes are parked everywhere, just pick and empty space and 'park yer bike'! Mind you there is no room for cars. The Restaurant in the distance is called Hansel and Gretel...children and gingerbread on the Menu perhaps!
    This is the premium street in Amsterdam. P.C. Hooftstraat. You want designers...they have it. Beautiful clothes, bags and shoes. But we are only window shopping. Pity.

    I was quite taken with this little old barge, with his garden and Gnomes
    And this is a strange looking wooden number...masquerading as one of those Italian sporty boats perhaps.
    We are so lucky to be staying with our friend Elise. She owns a stunning house.
    JT is holding up the Kitchen door. Brilliant's an old freezer door resurrected and restored.
    The first room, we spent time in. The dining room, overlooking a superb garden.
    Elise, JT and John were waiting for us with wine and food. Excellent
    The exterior of the house, ably supported by Mr McCready
    We are situated on the 4th floor...its a long way up, these are the final stairs leading to our floor.
    Once you are up there, coming down after a few wines, is not an option.
    I can see myself living here. Stunning.

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    Anonymous said...

    sounds you are having a wonderful time. What a generous blogger you are Gilli. Love your wowzio mini slide widget. I want one. Looking ofr walnut sauce for our pasta tonight, I found from the greasy spoon. I thought you might like to glance. xx Diana