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    Saturday, June 06, 2009

    Tourists in Amsterdam, Starry Starry Nights

    The sun comes and goes but it hasn't got much power in it.
    So many delightful sights to see. I just love these Music boxes. The owner stands around shaking his money box, in time to the music. Of course the Music is bizarre. Mixture of old circus and Abba!!!
    Just can't help snapping the pretty
    Our first Tram ride about to happen. Unfortunately, I farted about taking the photo and we missed the Tram, had to take the next one. There ya Go. Yes, I did give her a coin to be my model.
    Dam Square, the clock tower on the Palace
    Part of the Square, unfortunately under construction, hard to get a shot without fencing and junk.
    Fab buildings though.
    The Palace
    A trip through the Flower Markets is a must, so gorgeous. These sweetpeas were so fragile and fragrant
    So many stalls
    Tulips from Amsterdam

    The souvenirs for the girls...Clogs and Windmills
    Hi John, Coffee?
    Our appointment for the afternoon, was to go on a tour at the Sandwich Factory, Sandays run and owned by Elise's family. They make 10,000 sandwiches a day, for airports, schools, businesses etc.
    It is an amazingly run factory. A selection of their fillings, were prepared on Croutons, for our lunch. The quality is superb. Bit slow taking the shot. The gannets had been in already. But gives you an idea.
    One needs to wear these hats for hygiene.

    You may think we look silly. But take a look at this.
    John it seems, is not a hat person.

    We haven't laughed so much for ages. Back home, to rest up for our next event.

    So we were off to see "The Starry Nights" Exhibtion at the Van Gogh Museum.
    Apparently this expo oringinated in New York and will be travelling the world.
    First up, just walked 2 doors down to Red, for dinner. A great concept. They only serve Steak or Lobster. Of course I had Surf and Turf. It came with the chips the Dutch and Belgians are famous for, served in a paper cone with Mayo. Yum
    Nice view out onto the bridge.

    We walked to the Van Gogh museum. Enroute we passed the Rijksmuseum, here they house the Rembrandts...Once again a builing under construction. Has been for years and will be for years. Only one wing is open.

    So we get to Vincent's Museum, by the way this is 7.30 at night. Dusk and Dark not until after 10pm.

    Elise got special passes for us.

    To commemorate the Starry Nights exhibition the local Pub made a special drink. No... we didn't have one, but a nice concept nevertheless.
    It was a Grand night. We finished it off over a few more wines. Can't get over how none of us have hangovers. We certainly tried. It must be the Chilean Wines.

    We feeeeel GOOD.

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