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    Tuesday, June 09, 2009

    Amsterdam, Our last Days

    Saturday here in our Place de Domicile!!!

    John and I have commandeered the table for our computers

    Waking up in our lovely room

    Many a wine has been drunk in this lovely lounge assigned to us.

    We have learnt very early in the piece, that Dale’s suitcase, that we bought in Chile, a few years ago, is not satisfactory. Just had the handle for pulling fixed in New Zealand, before we left, and it is already broken again, in transit
    It’s heavy and with the sore ribs not making life easy. Thank God for Mr McCready and his gym work…he carried the thing, all the way up our steep 4 flights of stairs.

    But a lovely surprise at the bottom of this staircase, this gorgeous stained glass window. Something to admire while you prepare to climb.

    So we went to buy a new one at V & D Store. Managed to pick up a very smart Delsey Red, reasonable price on sale of course.
    Then we bought deli lunch from the same department store. Great selection of salads and bread. Along with cheeses, a fine feast was had.
    Cees came to join us, he had been in New York. The plan for the afternoon was for Wessel and Esther to take us all, on the canal on their boat.
    Wessel has become Tour Guide Extraordinaire. One day factory tour, next the Canal. It a stunning way to see the City, Of course there are commercial boats but so much nicer to go private.

    Cees and John
    Wessels Guide Extraordinaire

    Elise with Baby Elise

    Can you believe this garbage unusual Amsterdam is a clean city

    A barge and if I'm not mistaken my finger

    Esther and her girls

    These 3 barges are a playground for little kids.

    Matching boats

    Not tulips but geraniums on show

    This was a wedding taking place on the barge with a bubble machine...(added extra!!!)

    Back of the flower markets

    Leaning houses of Amsterdam

    Some clown tipped the toilet into the canal. NICE!

    Back to the house cups of tea in Lise’s living room

    Sena Wessel and Esther’s eldest daughter is a very talented little girl, she draws she dances and she play the piano. Only 8 years old. JT teaching her some tips.

    Then up to dress for dinner.
    We were very privileged to be taken by Cees and Elise to The Hotel Okura, to dine in their 1 star Michelin Restaurant Yamazto.
    We had a 8 course Degustation Menu
    It was divine
    Plate after plate of beautifully prepared food was delivered to the table.
    Lots of tiny morsels. So much work.
    First course 6 different tastings
    Abalone-Shrimp Sushi - Daikon Radish wrapped in Herring - Deep fried re mullet -
    Shabu shabu sirloin wrapped around Chinese Broccoli
    Then Green Pea soup with white asparagus and Tofu pudding
    Sashimi, Tempura lobster, Sashimi, and so on

    Dessert Green Tea Ice-cream, little raspberry things

    We drank Champagne cocktail, white wine and sushi
    Our host insisted on paying, we all feebly offered to pay our share but must admit on our reasonably tight budget, it was a relief to be looked after.
    On reflection, as wonderful as the food was, we were disappointed in the service,
    not as effortless as I would have expected.
    Jt continually asking for her water glass to be filled. A long time to order.
    Few little things you would expect to happen automatically. Mmmm.
    A wonderful day… leaving tomorrow Quelle Domage.
    Took some more shots of our residence.
    The main house on the left our apartment on the right
    Wessels and Esther live in here at the back of the garden

    The Wessels girls Over to say farewell
    Cees and Wessel kindly chauffeured us and our baggage to Amsterdam Central

    We were so sad to leave. All of the family have been so generous to the four of us.

    Our final look at Amsterdam...the station

    We were very taken with the guard. Loved the outfit. I want that hat…might look a bit Peter Sellers, but he was helpful

    The station, with me and the baggage.
    Our train
    There was a slight panic when the train arrived, we were standing where we were told by the guard, but the train came in with the carriages round the wrong way. Everyone rushing around from end to end, By the time we got to our carriage, most of the luggage spaces had been taken up.
    All a bit tight really

    This caused a little stress, the sore ribs were tested with the lifting of he suitcases, BUT on the bright side at least we didn’t still have the big blue one!!! C’est difficile…mais, when there is a will, there’s a way.
    And so we settled in for our 4 hour journey to Paris “The City of Lights.”
    Through industrial Holland, Belgium, into the French countryside lovely green and orderly, me listening to my Collins French Phrase Book. Dale to music. All very easy really.

    Great Expectations


    katiez said...

    Looks like a great trip - have fun in Paris!

    So Simple said...

    Hi katie nice to hear from you Paris was wonderful since then we have been in the mayenne Department north Loire valley and now in Trogir about to go sailing for 2 weeks. Haven't had access to broadband too hard to blog from dial up But have bought pre paid stick here in Croatia so you never know.