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    Thursday, June 04, 2009

    Europe Here We Are

    After a wonderful weekend with our family on Kawau Island, only days after this shot was taken. (Me, with our beautiful Grandchildren)...we were in The Big Air NZ Plane, enroute to Amsterdam.
    We started in the Koru lounge...our membership to the Koru Club, was our reason for flying with Air NZ. You have take advantage of the perks.
    Quick Check in, Priority baggage and the lounge, where one can partake of food and wine and generally relax whilst waiting for the plane.
    My personal porter, in charge of stowing the carry on bags.
    As it turns out Air NZ's inflight service was excellent and the long 24 hour flight was a doodle.
    The food was very tasty. Dale's Lacto/ova food pleased him no end and I was well pleased with my meat eating choices.
    Moroccan Lamb, Butter Chicken, for dinners...Frittata with sausage and tomato for breakfast, Oriental Noodles with Pork for brunch. Fruit salads with yoghurt, cheese and bickies,an orange mousse, shrimp salad and a rice salad for starters. Plenty of very good NZ white wines, Mimosa for Brunch and pleasant crew to serve us.
    One of Dale's dinners.
    My Moroccan Lamb with Peas and Kumara
    First stop Hong Kong...last time I was there, there was only one airport, which was a huge challenge for the pilots as they landed virtually inbetween builings.
    The new airport is huge...everything is huge, you can see for miles and miles and miles.
    If ever we get a bit short, Dale could take a job as cleaner, he looks charming
    I saw 6 current movies and Series 5 of "The Entourage", (I loved that). The whole time was well spent.
    We were also in transit, in London's Heathrow...a quick flight, and before you knew it, we were ensconced in the beautful house of our friend Elise, in Amsterdam.
    From our bedroom window, taken about 6.30, my view on awakening.
    The covered boat on the left, belongs to Elise's family. We are hoping for fine weather on Saturday, a trip around the canals is in the plan.
    All so far so good really.


    Asha said...

    WOW!! Great vacation planned! Enjoy. I just came back from India, still recovering from the shock and exhaustion!!:D

    We were in Amsterdam for a week long time ago, loved it. Three sisters bridge, we still have the photo.

    Have fun, see you in Fall.

    dj said...

    Hi Gilli
    great to hear you are on your way and there! looks forward to reading of your adventures. xx Diana

    So Simple said...

    Asha, had to google the bridge hopefully if it warm enough we will be on our friend's boat tomorrow and we shall see it.
    It's cold unfortunately same temperature as it at home. Of course I have very few warm clothes but there ya go.