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    Thursday, March 04, 2010

    Creamy Tomatoes -A wonderful accompaniment for Fish, Meat or Just on their own

    I read about these tomatoes, in an article written by Elizabeth David, in a book called "Endless Feast's". A series of articles written by Food Writers from Gourmet Magazine. Spanning many years, all edited by Ruth Reichl. Everyone from MFK  Fisher, Claudia Roden, to even Pat Conroy.
    Its a great little book and very inspiring.
    Mrs David described this Tomato Dish, served to her in a little Cafe, somewhere in the heart of France. I loved the thought of it and couldn't wait to make it.
    So Simple - but isn't that always the best food?

    Cut the tomatoes in half crosswise and place in a medium hot pan with a good knob of butter
    Prick their bottoms, to protect the skin from bursting,
    Cook about 10 minutes over medium heat till they caramelize

    Turn over season with Salt and pepper
    Add 200 mls double cream
    1 tbs chopped thyme leaves (optional)
    Let bubble up and cook for another 10 minutes

    There will be a  wonderful sauce.

    I served this with Roasted asparagus and quickly roasted Terakihi
    and some crusty French Bread to soak up the juices



    Nigel Olsen said...

    That's so simple but packed full of flavour, summer flavours too - tomato, asparagus, fish. Well done - yummm!

    katty said...

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