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    Monday, March 15, 2010

    A Recipe For Success

    My dear friend Pete created this wonderful card for me on the occasion of my 'really coming of age'.

    It is a little difficult for you to read the wonderful words he wrote for me so Here ya go!
    An Ode for Gilli

    Preheat the oven to room temperature, open a wine
    Select a very large bowl. Grease the sides, finish the bottle
    Take a generous helping of Dale rinsed, strained and left to stand until dry, reserve for grinding.

    When grinding is successful, add two beautiful children to the mix, dress well, cover and keep in a warm dry place and allow to multiply

    When this process is competed, carefully fold in the new offspring and take great joy from the delight this mix can constantly bring you, preserve and keep for all occasions.

    Place a long Cajun dish in a solution of brine and fill with friends. Sear friends in moderate heat them immerse in brine. Repeat the process until well browned. Add wine and when sloshed set aside to rest. (preferably overnight)

    This process can be repeated.

    When assembled, this is a vivacious dish with great character, bursting with goodness and fun something to be proud of and enjoyed with family and friends.

    Best served with aromatics, tequila cocktails, reds, rose, fizz, plonk, in fact anything you can lay your hands on…
    ...even a little gin.

    And here are many of the friends in all of their glory. Some managed to miss the camera... but this is a fair representation.

    So Thank you all. It was up there as one of the best days of my life.


    Juliet said...

    Great snaps Gilli. Hope you enjoyed your birthday.

    I thought the card was a little racy!!!

    Juliet Burt

    So Simple said...

    Jules thanks I had a great time. Pete has blown the card up for me to put on my kitchen wall.