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    Monday, March 22, 2010

    My Mother Would Be Proud of Me

    My Dear Departed Mother would be proud of me. I have been cooking furiously over the last few days and my freezer is looking pretty full. She, of course, didn't have a freezer but as a woman of her time, she pickled, made tomato sauce, salted and put down green beans and preserved everything she could.
    My Father's Vegetable Garden was magnificent. Notice I said vegetables, he didn't have any time for flowers. Mum managed to grown a few carnations and in the spring they did have the best display of freesias and grape hyacinths. The aroma was fabulous.
    But I digress. after all 'this is all about me'.
    Of course other people have to grow my produce and I make my annual pilgrimage out
    West, to Steve Jelas' Riverhead Orchard, to buy"the best" tomatoes.
     So  with these, I made Grandma's Tomato Sauce
    Roasted Tomato Soup
    Elizabeth David Cream of Tomato and Potato Soup
    An excellent Apple Pie to take to Taupo (didn't use tomatoes for this of course)
     A Lasagne to Take to Taupo
    Plus 3 for the freezer.
    Apple Crumble for the Freezer
    Tomato Pasta Sauces
    Finished product
    I am very pleased with myself.
    I am My Mothers Daughter!
    We are now off to Taupo for a Reunion. Old workmates
    Fun Fun Fun.

    PS.  I will be posting relevant recipes when we return.

    1 comment:

    katiez said...

    Well done! My freezer broke half way through the winter and I lost half of my veg... so sad... But, I'll fix it and try again. Just can't help myself. Have a wonderful holiday.