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    Sunday, March 28, 2010

    The Terraces, Lake Taupo Hilton - Home Smoked Trout with Penne

    So much to blog, so little time. While its fresh in my mind, I'll do Taupo and post a recipe for Pasta with Home Smoked Trout. Many moons ago I worked at Lever Bros, Petone. Home of Sunlight Soap, Persil, Rinso, Signal and many many more. I worked in the lab and friends made then, are still friends now. Unfortunately we don't socialize as much as we would like, distance being the main obstacle, when we get together, its like we've never been apart.

    We celebrated our reunion at The Terraces Restaurant, at The Lake Taupo Hilton. Simon Gault is the executive Chef.
    We ate there last year and the food is still as good as ever. Very Highly Recommended.
    I had an excellent Diver Scallop entree, accompanied with a White Asparagus Mousse. The scallops came from Alaska, they are much larger than the local ones and were sweet and beautiful. White Asparagus from Italy.
    Sorry about the photo.

    Photos in focus, are as follows.
    Pork Belly with Pork Rillettes and Roast Tomatoes
    Lovely moist Pork with the best crackling ever... a thin sheet of joy

    Everyone that ordered the Steak really enjoyed it.
    And Dale our Fish Eater loved his Fish Dish
    Pick the common Denominator, in the following set of photographs.

    C'est Moi, with Famous Chefs.
    The elongated birthday!
    Happy Birthday from the Staff at Rick Stein at Bannisters

    and again 2 weeks later...Thank you to the Staff at The Terraces
    Anyway enough about me. I want to share a lovely dish I made using my
    Friend Skid's Home Caught and Home Smoked Trout.

    It was so beautiful, we could have just eaten it 'au naturel' but I decided to make a real meal of it.
    Very simple

    Chili, Garlic and Lemon Infused Oil with Penne and Smoked Trout 
    Smoked Trout (as much as you have) broken in pieces. 
    3 tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    3 cloves garlic peeled and sliced
    1 tablespoon hot chili flakes
    1 lemon zested and juiced

    Handful chopped parsley

    200 gms penne

    In a large pot of well salted  boiling water cook penne till al dente

    Put Extra Virgin Olive Oil in a pan

    Heat to medium heat
    Add garlic chili and lemon zest

    Cook gently to infuse, about 10 minutes
    Strain oil and return to pan
    Add lemon juice

    When pasta is cooked, drain, reserve some pasta water
    Transfer pasta to oil with a ladleful of pasta water
    Toss together

    Add parsley and trout
    Serve immediately.
    A quick grind of black pepper
    Thank you Skid it was fabulous.

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