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    Tuesday, September 28, 2010

    Crown Resort Rarotonga, The Best Island Night

    Last night we took the children to an Island night.  The Crown Resort was recommended. Their nights are Monday and Thursday.
    It is $45 per adult, $30 per child an excellent buffet and the show about 1 hour long of great fun.
    We have been to quite a few of these nights over the years in many countries and this rates right at the top.
    A mixed group from 3 years up. Some very attractive people. Boy can they move those hips. Makes us 'Palangi' look pretty stupid.
    Of course The obligatory 'Assume The Position' was taken first at home then at the restaurant.
    You might notice a missing person...suffering from 'The Cold' and possibly, an aversion to Island night

    So introducing Donna your hostess for the night
    Roast Pork on left and the fish had a chili sauce
    Above Chicken wings on the left and Beef right
    Below on left; Baby Octopus in Coconut Cream and right; Creamed Rukau, the local Taro leaves. Delicious.

    Below; Salad Bar
    Praise for the Ika Mata, so far the best we have had eating out.
    There was dessert, Chocolate Cake, Choc Mousse, Carrot Cake, Ice Cream, Tropical Fruit Salad. All got thumbs up from the family
    And then the Performance started. Our little girls loved it.

    Catch those hips and then below Up came the tourists.
    If you hold you drink to your mouth they don't ask you to come on the stage, in case you wondered how to avoid being invited.
    A great night. Thank you Crown Resort.

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