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    Thursday, November 03, 2011

    Carry on Living in Rarotonga

     We are prepared for the arrival of the Nobles. Mr Shark all blown up. Dale thought blowing up one of them was more than enough work for an old fella, so saving the next one for Chris.
    Here they are, Katie clutching Ms Cleo, and not far behind with all of the luggage. Chris with Mia,hidden at this stage.
    I had been to the market and bought 'Eis' for them all...they really are gorgeous. Just love the fragrance
    Of course a swim was in order straight away. Never mind that it was 11.30.
    Floaties on Miss Cleo, as we have all been told many times she 'drowndid' here in Rongatonaga last time. Not this time tho!

    So the morning arrives and Mummy Hen and Her chicks have arrived watched over carefully by Mr Shark and His Sister
    The kids of course just love the chickens. They come through everyday. There are a couple of families. They are so cute
    Hey I bought a special gadget at Briscoes, it is a tennis racquet bug zapper. Has batteries and sizzles up the Mozzies. Katie here shoe off her deft forehand. Actually this year the Mozzies are keeping away. Still have a few but generally very pleasant.

     Kids and water keeps them happy for hours.
    Time for the beach now. It is so inviting.

     One of the things we love about Rarotonga, is the food and the odd outlets. Some real creativity with names
    Got some beautiful Albacore from there, only $8, enough for Sashimi, to have with drinks then Ike Mata the next day
    Cafe Jireh is a favourite for coffee and cakes. They boast the best Custard Squares on the Island
    and it's true, plus their ginger crunch is pretty good.
    Right next door to the Gym. Eat cake - Work it off
     All looking a bit squashed but to taste - Divine


    Deb said...

    Isn't it the best place for a holiday. I got married there and can't wait to go back for a visit. Loved looking at your photos.

    So Simple said...

    Putting more photos up most days Deb. Hopefully will bring back great memories for you. We love it here