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    Saturday, November 26, 2011

    Prawn Cocktail-An Oldie but a Goodie with a Difference-Perfect for Summer

    Prawn Cocktails
    This can bring shivers to your spine but basically it is still an excellent starter for the summer.
    Prawns are so cheap these days. I like to buy what they call prawn meat. They have been topped and tailed, so ready to cook. Just keep a bag in the freezer pull out what you need defrost them, cook them and Bob's your Uncle.  this is not as spectacular as when you use whole gorgeous prawns...but this is not a restaurant. Just a little old home kitchen.
    On 'Martin Likes Fish' on Food TV he made this simple sauce, which he devised, to serve with Salmon but I thought it would make a great dressing for any seafood.
    My addition was Tabasco, for that extra kick.

    I also thought. that I would pull on my memory, of my Mother's lettuce salads.
    Remember the sliced lettuce, with the sliced tomatoes and sliced eggs laid on top.
    Served with the Condensed Milk Salad Dressing!
    A bit boring, but My Mum spiced it up a bit...always added chopped onion, celery, radish, all fresh from the garden to her lettuce.
    Seasoned it with salt and pepper (white of course), a little sugar and tossed it all in a little vinegar.
    No oil in the 50's.  Closest we had to vinaigrette!
    Then she laid the sliced cucumber, sliced tomato and sliced hard boiled egg.
    She also served with the Condensed Milk  Dressing, actually I shouldnt be so rude.
    It is quite tasty. Mustardy and tangy.
    The vinegar really lifted the lettuce,  my Mum's knew how to make food taste good.

    So to make The Prawn Cocktail 

    You will need some Iceberg lettuce, Baby cos could be good, something crisp
    Red onion
    Chopped Chives
    Ripe tomatoes
    Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
    French Dressing
    Olive oil

    Prawn Cocktail Dressing (see below)

    Tomato. lemon and some Chopped Parsley

    So for the base of my Prawn Cocktail
    First I marinated some finely sliced red onion in French Dressing, for about 2 hours just to take the sharpness from the onion
    I cooked the thawed prawns

    Pre-heat the oven to 210C
    Toss the prawns in some sea salt, freshly ground black pepper and some lemon zest
    Lay on a baking sheet
    Into the oven for exactly 6 minutes
    Remove from baking sheet straight away and chill for about an hour

    Then I made the dressing
    Very simple
    2 tablespoons of Good Mayonnaise
    Juice of 1 large lemon
    Good pinch sea salt
    2 tablespoons lightly whipped cream
    Several drops Tabasco sauce
    Lightly fold everything together
    Set aside for about an hour for the flavours to meld
    Now to assemble

    I shredded the lettuce, and added the onion, and some chopped chives
    I then cut some sweet little tomatoes into thin wedges and sprinkled on top.
    Then I tossed the chilled prawns, in the dressing
    Popped on top of the salad
    Be generous with the prawns
    Just top with some chopped parsley, tomatoes and a little wedge of lemon
    Actually the photo doesn't do it justice. I'm afraid. There were at least 10 prawns there.
    It was so delicious, I am glad I have revived it for our table.

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