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    Tuesday, November 29, 2011

    You say Frittata, I Say Tortilla- Depends on the Country-Our time in Spain

    I am still trialing dishes for the Juice TV Crew lunches next week.
    Mainly I need timing. My delivery time is before 11 am, so I need to know how much I have to do the day before and how much on the morning.
    This Frittata is a very simple dish. A stable in Spain, part of the Tapas Menu as well.
    When we were in Spain in the 60's, we stayed at a wonderful Camping Ground, called Vilasar De Mar.
    Just outside of Barcelona.

    The owners of the property, Damian and Isabella, plus his brother Jose and wife Maria adopted us.
    This put our original plan, to drive through to Torremolinis and onto Morroco aside.
    We had such a good time, we spent 2 weeks in their camping ground.
    It was the end of the holiday season, so they devoted their time to making sure we saw everyting we could in Barcelona and the Environs.
    They took us of course, to bullfights
    They introduced us to Gerhard and Adele, a German couple, who ran a water ski school.
    They taught us to water ski. Even I got up first time. A miracle.
    I think I spy a cigarette in my hand.
    Gerhard also took us to a big football game in Barcelona... which was very exciting, as he was an even more aggressive driver than Dale, and that's saying something. It was scary.
    Isabella, also showed me, how to make the Spanish Omelet or Tortilla.
    In New Zealand at that time, Spanish omelet was a bit like that Russian salad, with peas, potatoes and carrots.
    The Spanish only add potatoes and fried potatoes at that.
    Couldn't wait to tell My Mother that she had it wrong. (Bit of youthful arrogance perhaps)
    God, it was wonderful.
    They also invited us to dine with them.

    Which was a nice change from eating in the tent.
    How about those shorts?
    So, onto the Spanish Omelet
    I have added some onion and parsley.
    And just for a little extra flavour, I grated some Parmesan on the top.
    I like that.
    This will feed 6 people for lunch, with some french bread and a little relish on the side.

    Olive oil
    2 large potatoes, peeled, chopped into chunks
    1 large onon peeled and cut into chunks
    8 eggs
    Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
    Some chopped parsley
    Grated Parmesan Cheese

    You need a pan which can go into the oven
    The omelet starts off on the stove, then you pop it under your Grill/Broiler to finish off

    Toss the potatoes in olive oil S & P
    Into 175C oven roast till tender and golden about 20 minutes
    Remove and place in a bowl
    In you pan lightly saute the onions in olive oil till tender, don't brown them
    Add to potatoes.
    You can do all of this ahead of time.
    Which is great, if you have to make a few of these.

    Hey look at these eggs. A carton of double yolkers!

    Pre heat your Grill/Broiler
    Break eggs into a bowl
    Season with S & P
    Whisk well
    Add cooked potatoes. onions and parsley
    Heat your oven proof pan on the stove top
    Add a good slurp olive oil
    Throw in egg mix
    Grated Parmesan Cheese over the top
    Let sit and and cook till the omelet starts to set
    About 4 minutes
    When you can lift it up with your spatula and it has started to brown
    Pop under the grill.
    It will take about 5 minutes and it will rise and look wonderful
    Remove onto a board or plate
    Cut into slices and enjoy

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    katiez said...

    Love Tortilla! We ate lots of them when we lived in Andorra - don't know why so many people like to complicate them... And Russian Salad - ate lots of that in Andorra, too LOL