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    Wednesday, November 02, 2011

    First Days In Raro 2011,

    Its our first few days in Raro, I have been a bit slow on 'diarying', just never know where the time goes
    We got off the plane really fast,
    Bags came off almost straight away,
    Listened to Jake Numanga welcoming us as he been for over 30 years
    Great excitement at the speed.
    But then we had the wait at The Budget Rental stand.
    Been booked for ages of course they didn't have the right car for us.
    We were pretty relaxed about this
     Got to the heck out at the airport and the little Car Rental Man forgot to give us our passout.
    It was only $2, but the principal... so I walked back, to get the pass, this nice watched the car and Dale for me
    Finally we made back to Kathy's House, Taipara Retreat
    Just like a big welcome home for us.
    Pool looking very inviting
    Our first visit from Mama Chook and her babies

    Bit Chilly on first dip, Dale had first go
    Meanwhile I set up the camera for our Evening Assume the Position Photo,a ritual I set up last year
    Dale joined me just a gentle Vodka and Tonic.
    Before I left home I booked us into the Vaima Restaurant. We have been going there since we first stared coming to Raro over 30 years ago.
    It has been through many people and is now in the capable hands of Dorothy and Cameron. Dorothy booked a lovely table right on the beach.

    The food started coming,
    We shared, their Ike Mata and an Excellent Salt and Pepper Squid.
    Dale ordered the Fish and Chips, Parrot fish, just perfect
    And I had the Roast Pork Belly. It was fantatsic, so much of it I had to have a doggy bag.
    Pork sandwiches for lunch Yum. That Crackling Yummee
    An Heart Attack on the way.
    But with a view of this, very calming
    The next day I was off into to town for supplies and my Raro Drivers license.
    That is always an experience.
    Off to the Police Station
    Stand in line, fill out the form,have your mug shot taken and now set for the next 5 years
     Only $60 nice little earner for the Raro Government.
    So home to make pizza, Pork on my side, smoked salmon on Dales.

    All set up on the front deck with a nice glass of wine
     After lunch unfortunately the rains came down...Apparently very welcome for the Islanders.
     Only lasted a short time so guess what we did...drink in hand watched Boardwalk Empire
     on the computer. An excellent way to spend the rest of the day

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